Ariana Grande Made An Offer

Ariana Grande Made An Offer
Ariana Grande Made An Offer

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And this is after just a few weeks of relationship!


It happens that relationships develop rapidly, but so quickly! The subscribers of one of the most popular singers of our time, Ariana Grande, who already has more than 121 million followers on Instagram, was delighted by the Daily Mail the day before.

It turns out that since the beginning of June, as the tabloid found out, she was engaged to actor Pete Davidson. Fans, frankly, were surprised by this news, since the couple's romance began just a few weeks ago - right after Ariana broke up with her previous boyfriend Mac Miller.

Ariana and Pete. May you live happily ever after!

However, in support of its information, the Western publication also refers to the fact that the girl has recently been wearing an engagement ring - it could be seen, for example, in her recent performances. Then the fans took the luxurious adornment for part of the singer's stage costume, but after the news of the marriage proposal appeared, they realized that they were mistaken. Meanwhile, the engagement ring, according to insiders, cost Davidson $ 93,000. Not that expensive for a couple's status!

Question squarely

Who is this Pete Davidson? The guy, frankly, is not a miss. At 24, he is very popular in the United States and even works on the super-prestigious Saturday Night Live show (an analogue of our "Evening Urgant"). I managed to try myself both as an actor and as a comedian. Also has a pleasant appearance and good manners. By the way, they have known Ariana for a long time, at least since 2016. Perhaps at that time - only in absentia: the most attentive fans discovered that two years ago Grande liked Davidson's photo on Instagram and even left him emoticons in the comments.

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