Borscht With Intimacy Or The Path To Marriage: Why Do Moscow Residents Jointly Rent Apartments

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Borscht With Intimacy Or The Path To Marriage: Why Do Moscow Residents Jointly Rent Apartments
Borscht With Intimacy Or The Path To Marriage: Why Do Moscow Residents Jointly Rent Apartments

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In Moscow, they began to rent apartments to single men and women to create a family. Although without this service, people enter into different forms of relationships, renting housing together. When some openly offer to share "shelter, bread and sex", others from ordinary neighbors turn into lawful spouses and create happy families.

We will tell you why the residents of the capital are looking for a partner to rent an apartment together and why in a huge metropolis such a sophisticated method has turned into a way of acquaintance.

We'll divide the apartment and sex equally

"I am looking for a woman to share: age - from 20 to 35 years old, height - up to 175 centimeters. We will live together and support each other in every possible way in this large, lonely city", 23-year-old Sergey Fedosyuk posted an ad on social networks the other day.

By "mutual support" a man means both the sharing of rent and household responsibilities, and regular intimate relationships. Sergei arrived in the capital two years ago, at first he worked as a bartender, and recently moved to the fashion industry.

Renting a one-room apartment in Krylatskoye for 37 thousand rubles became not very profitable from an economic point of view, so Sergei decided to establish a "partnership" with the girl, sharing the rent with her, and at the same time brightening up lonely evenings.

According to the man, mainly women aged 28-30 years and older who have already built their careers and are ready to undertake such a housing experiment responded to the ad.

Already on the first day, 12 applicants wrote to Sergei, according to him (although he did not agree to share with us the contacts of at least one of them to confirm the information on anonymous terms). Of those who wrote to Sergei in response, half disappeared after talking with him on the phone and discussing the details.

Some girls hung up in anger, others just turned off the phone. Sergey made the decision to openly declare his "partnership proposal" after realizing that "there are a lot of veiled messages on the housing market, where men or women write about the possibility of providing sex services and their desire to purchase them, but hidden." He wondered why a man can't directly write what he wants? And he posted an ad, wanting to see the reaction of Muscovites. The reaction was immediate.

Puzzled and angry comments began to appear under the provocative post, and in many communities the ad was simply removed by moderators. Some thought it was a joke or prank, while others argued the blocking was a violation of community rights or an attempt to deceive.

Sergei had to contact the moderators and explain that this was not a joke and that his message did not contain any insults to anyone's address. In some cases, his post was restored.

According to Sergei, women are even more interested in such cohabitation, but such frank conditions frighten them. At the same time, some girls, under the call of instinct, break themselves and are ready to change. For such candidates wishing to share a cozy one-room apartment with Sergey, a personal interview will be organized. Main criteria: appearance and willingness to experiment.

Curiously, Sergei does not believe that such a partnership can develop into a real relationship. And when he meets true love, he will not tell his soul mate about this experience:

“It would be logical and correct to hide the topic of previous relationships. Girls need to know only good things so as not to spoil their nerves,” concludes Sergey.

Marriage Karma

If Sergei is still trying to find an ideal candidate that meets all his requirements, Olga, a resident of the capital, has already managed to change five apartments, successfully marry a neighbor and give birth to a child. Arriving in Moscow 15 years ago, the woman learned all the delights of life in rented apartments. Olga's neighbors in different places were representatives of both sexes. It didn't matter to her who lived in the neighboring rooms, woman or man: the main thing was that the person was good and could be trusted. Given her frequent business trips, Olga also wanted to be sure that she could safely leave her belongings during her absence.

The woman spent some period of her life in a three-room apartment on Polezhaevskaya, where one man lived in two adjacent rooms.

“I am not complex about this and I was absolutely not afraid of men. I needed a room, peace of mind and a reasonable price. Having looked at the neighbors, I realized that I could get along well with them,” Olga says.

At the same time, in an amazing way, it always happened that everyone with whom Olga was neighbors eventually got married or got married. This is how three former neighbors and both neighbors from Polezhaevskaya found their soul mates. Then Olga had to look for housing again. The fifth place of temporary stay was a kopeck piece near the Yugo-Zapadnaya metro station. In the next room there was a single man who already had two marriages behind him, and he was not looking for a new relationship. Olga did not count on anything either, but already three months after her move, neighborly conversations began to develop into something more serious. The newly made neighbors did not have any dates by candlelight and the bouquet-candy period. Life just smoothly flowed into family life. Five years later, the couple bought their apartment, and then they had a child. At the same time, Olga remained on good terms with all her previous neighbors, they are now friends with families, meet and sometimes make fun of the "marriage and apartment karma".

Having found her family happiness with a neighbor, Olga believes that it is impossible to specially organize such an outcome of events and the idea of ​​renting a house to create a family is doomed to failure. She also considers the option of "partner cohabitation" proposed by Sergei inappropriate, but possible if "a woman needs to correct her physiology," that is, to find an intimate relationship. “Some people go to the south for this. It's like McDonald's - everything is at hand,” Olga smiles.

The megalopolis of the lonely There is undoubtedly one big plus in the joint rental of apartments - cost savings. If one person pays 40-60 thousand rubles for an average Moscow one-room apartment not very far from the center, then for renting a two-room apartment with a neighbor one can pay one and a half times less for a room, while living closer to the center. However, recently, residents of the capital not only want to save money by renting housing with others, but often in this way are looking for new acquaintances, communication and, possibly, their love.

At the same time, if a room is rented in a three-ruble note, where men live in the other two rooms, the number of girls who want to call in there is simply off scale. There are also "magic" rooms in housing search groups, from where all previous tenants move out and get married.

"There is usually a struggle for such rooms," says Zaur Mutuzov, administrator of a Facebook group for renting apartments in Moscow.

Psychoanalyst Olga Kuznetsova connects this trend with the fact that in our time, especially in megacities, there is a huge problem to find a partner. "The problem of loneliness and pairing is acute. Any mentally healthy person needs another person. Therefore, for example, an offer to rent a house to create a family is a good way to try," says the expert. Another thing is when a man offers a woman to share everything equally, including renting an apartment and having sex, but without any obligations.

"On the one hand, a girl can also seek not only love, but also sex. Just like a man."Then this proposal is quite relevant, says psychoanalyst Kuznetsova. "But if a girl thinks that there might be some kind of romantic continuation here, then it's probably pretty naive."

The expert notes that there is another aspect of the issue: modern men are often afraid of responsibility, therefore they make such bold proposals from their point of view.

In addition, in this situation, a man may have a deep fear of women and a fear of being rejected, so it is easier for him to negotiate with a woman on understandable barter terms. There may be an unconscious request for a relationship inside, but the person simply does not understand this and reserves the freedom of action.

They say a big city provokes loneliness. Residents of a metropolis often suffer from a lack of true friendship and serious relationships, complaining that acquaintance with them is often used as useful connections.

The more faces flashing daily in front of a resident of the capital on the way from home to work, the more he is drawn back to his cozy corner, to his people. And often ordinary neighbors become "friends" in this case, a sincere conversation over a cup of tea warms up more than a fleeting call with the best friend who lives outside the Moscow Ring Road.

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