Sex Without Love: Why Is It Dangerous

Sex Without Love: Why Is It Dangerous
Sex Without Love: Why Is It Dangerous

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According to statistics, only 40% of women and only 5% of men are not ready to have sex without love. This probably means that 95% of men and 60% of women do it anyway. But is it really necessary? What are the consequences of sex without love?


If you follow the Eastern teachings, then sexual desire is caused in us by the action of the sex chakra, located in the genital area and is responsible for sex and reproduction. And love radiates from the heart chakra located in the center of the chest. And they are not always united with each other. That is why sex is possible without love, and love without sex.

Sex with the unloved

When there is violence, buying and selling, selfish pursuit of pleasure, just sex out of boredom, what energy does such intimacy throw into space? Arising from a disharmonious attitude, being a reflection of internal problems, such sex increases the negative, connecting with the negative of the partner.

Remember the joke: "A single woman meets a single man in order to create a single child"? How deep is the thought inherent in it!..

Sometimes with the help of such "closeness" we multiply pain and suffering on Earth. Maybe even evil.

People often do not think about the consequences of their actions, weaknesses, vices, considering them purely personal manifestations. “It's my business with whom and when to sleep! - such an adherent of freedom may exclaim. - After all, sex is good for a person's physical and mental health. This has long been proven by various scientists, researchers, and advocates of the sexual revolution."

Listening to the calls for active sex and the advice of "experienced" who have sex every day, or even more often, you can involuntarily draw a parallel with your own sexual activity. And notice that you are lagging behind.

What if you fail so often and so well? What if you rarely do this at all? Isn't it time to see a doctor, isn't it a problem, isn't it a disaster?

Asking himself such questions, a person involuntarily compares his life with certain standards, norms, rules. When the comparison is not in his favor, he becomes anxious and tries to remedy the situation. Having sex with someone you shouldn't or shouldn't have.

Someone may smile and think: “I once had sex with a former colleague and forgot about his existence. So what? Who got worse from this?"

Yes, anyone. But why, if neither the mind, nor the heart, nor the body is especially added from such sex? It just happened because there was no one for a long time. And then what? We slept and fled, everyone came up with an excuse and consolation about the usefulness of such an accidental shake-up of the body.

Why then it becomes restless, lonely, like having sex, but in the end - no one needs it. For a while, the illusion of rapprochement helps out, and then again the same loneliness and the same hunger overtake. And not even bodily, but simply longing for a human sight, warmth, and a word.

And it becomes so bitter from this closeness, which could be called closeness with a great stretch.

And why did you need to sleep with him, what would have changed if this had not happened? What if, during this time spent with a stranger, I miss the most important meeting in my life? Your truly close and dear person.

The rhythm and style of sex life

They depend on the sexual constitution, capabilities, needs. And there should be no norms, because even for the same person in different periods, the recipes for a harmonious sexual life can radically differ from each other.

Sex is good! Do it for your health!

It is best, of course, to do this with a loved one. Or someone you have a liking for. Then there is much more benefit. And the danger is less.

Because casual, unnecessary sex, from which one could have abstained in order to preserve one's strength and sensations for better intimacy, is very often associated with various side effects. From depression and frustration to sexually transmitted diseases.

Unverified partners are a potential danger to acquire, along with sexual release, a train of problems that will create such tension in life that you will not want any orgasm.

Everything that happens at the level of interaction with other people cannot be the sphere of only your individual freedom, because it affects others. Even indirectly, through our thoughts. What can we say about close bodily contact?..

"Why should I restrain myself, drive myself into a frame, act contrary to my desires?" - the person thinks and has sex just like that, obeying random impulses and desires.

Desires How often they mislead us into believing that we really want something. If people gave themselves the trouble to deal with their desires, they would understand that most of them are dictated by envy, the desire to keep up with others, to prove something.

The desire to take revenge, wipe his nose, win - and the person overcomes himself, becomes super strong. I am ready to set records and make lists of my victories. Which are the flip side of the main human desire - to be necessary for someone, to be noticed, loved. Everything is very simple!

Sex is a manifestation of love

The main thing in sex is the desire for intimacy with another person. Only the one who deals with it without love prefers to talk about the benefits of sexual contacts and the dangers of abstinence. And not about the purity of relationships and the quality of human intimacy.

In order for sex to occur between people, the energy of attraction, attraction, sympathy, desire is needed. Maybe this is love? A great feeling begins with sympathy. This means that in any sex, love is already present in one way or another.

During sex of a man and a woman who love each other, the chakras are connected and a powerful release of light energy into the space takes place.

She, like a blossoming flower, fragrant and pleases, as if involving everything that is around in the radius of contact. The beauty born of human rapprochement increases the flow of light a hundredfold from human fusion.

Why do you think one of the strongest human instincts is not eradicated from a person even after millennia?

Even in the context of the global information revolution, when people managed to create artificial intelligence, went into outer space, tamed the atom and even learned how to clone living beings.

Why do you need a living person of the opposite sex for sex, if there are a lot of artificial things? Apparently, it's not just about sexual relaxation and the production of beneficial hormones.

The sky probably needs it for something else. For as a result of such a rapprochement, not only a new life is born, which does not allow humanity to die, but also a kind of magical energy of enormous power is formed.

The energy that keeps our planet afloat, life itself on Earth. And maybe life in general within the entire universe.

Everything in nature is arranged so reasonably that it is impossible to admit the existence of some unnecessary superfluous action in it. Everything that is natural, natural is a priori beautiful and permeated with love, which means it is a source of continuation of life. Everything false, unnatural deforms our life, destroys it, violates the harmony of our existence.

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