Life Hacks: How To Win A Man On A First Date

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Life Hacks: How To Win A Man On A First Date
Life Hacks: How To Win A Man On A First Date

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"Love at first sight" is what every girl dreams of. But modern princes like to take a closer look at their chosen one a little longer. The first date is often stressful for the girl. We have drawn your attention to what needs to be done in order to charm a young man. Ready?


The task of creating a light, relaxed atmosphere on a date often falls on the shoulders of both partners. If you’re naturally shy, there’s no point in giving up a date just because you don’t know how to create the right emotional mood. It is wrong if a man imposes too many obligations on a woman on the first date. Therefore, remember, the responsibility for the emotional background must be divided in half.

1. Play for fun

Start by channeling your conversation in a positive direction. Sincere interest in your companion will not only help you learn as much as possible about the person, but will also be the best decoration for you. The aspirations and dreams of your chosen one should be truly curious to you. You shouldn't focus only on yourself on the first date - don't hesitate to ask the man as many questions as possible. Not only girls, but also men are flattered when someone else is interested in their thoughts and deeds.

Strive to find common ground, but do not try to pretend to be someone who you are not. Fake subconsciously feels very good, but no one will give you points for bad acting on a date.

Danger! Remember that the main thing in everything is measure! Sometimes overly intrusive questions about what a man does and where he is resting can alienate your chosen one. A man may think that this is not how you are interested in him, but in his material well-being.

These questions sound the same as if the man on a date was asking your age and the number of children. Therefore, you need to be more careful with questions and choose more neutral ones. Don't forget about the taboo topics: religion, politics and former relationships.

2. Queen's train

Men are naturally endowed with a more sensitive sense of smell than girls. Therefore, pouring a whole bottle of your favorite perfume on yourself is definitely not worth it. The aroma can both dispose to a person and repel him. But it is thanks to the sense of smell that magical chemistry can arise between people.

No wonder perfume is considered one of the main types of "female weapons". Do not forget that the scent of perfume must match your mood and image. Choose enchanting scents with floral and woody notes.

3. They are greeted by clothes

"Full wardrobe, but nothing to wear" - this state of despair is familiar to almost every girl. And just before the date, this problem increases significantly. Don't panic! The main rule is to choose the outfit in which you will be comfortable.

Make sure in advance that the clothes are appropriate for the place where you are invited on a date. However, it would be nice to emphasize the dignity of the figure with the help of the outfit. If you have outstanding breasts, then by all means choose a blouse with a cutout.

And if you are a happy owner of slender legs, then give up a long skirt to the floor. Well-groomed hands, nails and hair are half the success on a first date.

4. "I'm better, better than the phone"

It is unlikely that a young man will like it if you sit through the entire date with your nose buried in the phone. Stop responding to a bunch of incoming messages, or better just turn off your phone during the meeting. Otherwise, instead of enjoying live communication, you will be tempted to go to Instagram and scroll through the annoying feed again in the hundredth circle.

5. "Cinderella Syndrome"

As great as your date is, try to end it first.A couple of hours after the meeting, look at your watch and say that, unfortunately, you have to go. Smile, thank the man for a pleasant evening and disappear.

We all remember that a man is inherently a hunter, and in this way we will further stir up interest in our own person.

If you follow all these simple tips, you can be sure that he will call you back.

Ekaterina Fedorova is a top-class psychologist with many years of experience, a leading sex trainer in Moscow, author of educational books, provocative trainings and video lessons.

Ekaterina acts as a permanent expert on TV and maintains fascinating blogs on popular women's sites. She is a wonderful speaker, a bright personality, an interesting conversationalist and a happy wife.

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