Is Sex A Woman's Payment For Marriage?

Is Sex A Woman's Payment For Marriage?
Is Sex A Woman's Payment For Marriage?

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In society, there is such a statement that marriage is the payment of men for sex, and sex is the payment of women for marriage, but is this really so ?! Should we sacrifice our emotions, attitudes, hobbies for the sake of another person?


How to find the optimal point of comfort and not feel like a victim in a relationship? And what if the libido has reached a minimum?

Love is a feeling that is perceived by each of us in different ways, but, despite this, there are fundamentally important aspects that make it possible to prevent a catastrophe before it occurs.

If you enter into a relationship with a man and do not feel any physical desire for him, you should not indulge yourself with the thought that "if we get married, everything will change there."

Believe me, this can only happen with fairy tales. Yes, you may need a couple of months to "taste each other", but no more. I had to observe a picture when a couple at the start of a relationship did not experience intimate affections, because everyone thought that he / she was unlikely to fit in temperament in bed. A few months later, they said that they had never had such amazing sex.

In another story, the couple, on the contrary, from the very beginning tried to lay down an intimate life, but no matter how the woman tried, feelings for the partner did not wake up. Several years of an empty marriage, and as a result, the relationship broke up.

You need to want a future husband both emotionally and physically, otherwise problems cannot be avoided.

If the spouses were happy for several years of marriage, but after five to ten years (for everyone in different ways) one of the partners felt a decrease in libido, this is not a reason to blame each other for all mortal sins and threaten to file for divorce.

Decreased libido occurs for a number of reasons, such as:

chronic diseases;

taking contraceptives and medicines;

hormonal disruptions;

bad habits;

food (sugar, caffeine, cheese, milk);

personal crisis, dislike for a partner, depression, stress.

With the timely identification of the cause of the decrease in libido, the sexual balance of the couple can be quickly restored.

Review your diet, pay attention to aphrodisiacs, go in for sports, and if you have psychological problems, consult a good psychologist. In some cases, time and support of the other half is simply needed.

How to avoid sexual oversaturation

Restricted areas. You can't let a man do whatever he wants. In the end, he will simply cease to reckon with you. The bed is a place for love, where the script is written by two.

Periods of abstinence. To maintain healthy intimate affection, trips to a business trip, to their parents allow. But remember that they should not drag on for a long time, three to five days are enough.

Personal time, hobbies. You should not infringe on personal interests and spend most of your free time with your partner. Let the man solve all his problems while you read a book, play the piano, or do yoga.

Develop and improve. Who said that it is embarrassing or not necessary to attend training in sexual skills? I am sure that many do not know why a clitoris is needed, what a vaginal orgasm is and why all women love the missionary position so much. For a full sex life, it is worth thinking about training, this is not about fitness, as you might think. You need to train not only the body or memory, but also the intimate muscles, the quality of sex and the pleasure of both partners depend on this.

As much as you value marriage, the path of sacrifice always ends badly.If you have disliked your partner for a long time, it is worth considering: is it necessary to be in the capsule of an unhealthy relationship at all? You are annoyed by his words, touches, you do not want to sleep in the same bed, you are experiencing constant stress - in this case, it is important to figure out what the reason is. Yes, it's hard to understand, so the help of a specialist in this matter is extremely important. If the feelings between you are still warm, you value each other, miss and strive to spend time together, but do not want intimacy, then you just have sexual oversaturation, and in this case there is always a plan for salvation.

Ekaterina Fedorova is a top-class psychologist with many years of experience, a leading sex trainer in Moscow, author of educational books, provocative trainings and video lessons.

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