The Concept Of "the Crown Of Celibacy" Was Appreciated By Psychologists: "I Can't Get Married"

The Concept Of "the Crown Of Celibacy" Was Appreciated By Psychologists: "I Can't Get Married"
The Concept Of "the Crown Of Celibacy" Was Appreciated By Psychologists: "I Can't Get Married"

The mystical concept of "the crown of celibacy" exists in almost all world cultures and beliefs. And all over the world around him a lot of fantasies are born, including harmful ones. What is the celibacy crown? We conducted a survey of specialists from different countries and fields of psychology and esotericism. Believe them or not believe them - everyone's business. However, the general conclusion is sound: it is easiest to attribute personal problems to mysticism, while in reality they are associated with behavior and psyche.


“Our healers also often make such a“diagnosis”and thereby harm girls,” says makeup artist Malina, the owner of the beauty salon of the same name in the Indian state of Goa. “But smart girls know: you can never say“I have a crown!”, It attracts negative energy, because the Universe hears everything.

One of my acquaintances was “treated” for a crown in one ashram (Indian temple) for a long time, but she never got married, although for an Indian girl this is a disaster! And all because she believed in the "crown" and repeated it to justify the fact that no one takes her as a wife.

I have my own recipe for a successful marriage, it works, so I never transfer clients. You need to choose a man who you like, and write his name with henna on the body - in a place where it will not be visible to others. For example, along the bikini line. And renew this tattoo until he sees it himself.

This is a proven method, usually girls get married within six months. Only two people should know about this tattoo - the girl herself and the one who wrote the cherished name on her body, no one else.

What else do you need to know in order to never acquire what is popularly called the "crown of celibacy" or to get rid of it forever?

Miroslava Bush, psycho-esoteric, psychotherapist:

- Today, the "crown of celibacy" is usually called a certain global reason, which can be attributed to all your failures in finding a man. But it is not so.

Historically, the crown of celibacy is the "verdict" of the old maid, which in fact happens very rarely. Since ancient times, the "crown of celibacy" explained such a position of a woman when she was never married, could not meet a man and remained a virgin all her life. All other cases are generic programs and generic problems - curses in the family or strong attachments to previous failed relationships.

Such things can be corrected not only with a magician, but also with a psychologist, with a psychotherapist. Their manipulations are essentially similar: they all remove the problem of loneliness from the inside - psychologically and energetically, allowing a woman to discover a new path for herself.

In the old days, the "celibacy wreath" was remembered when there was an old maid in the family. This was considered a rather serious punishment, which was often blamed on some local witch who cursed the family. It was believed that such a punishment could fall on the kind where one of the women once took a man out of the family and this led to the death of his previous lover, abandoned by him. And if the abandoned woman also voluntarily left this life, the celibacy crown was certainly provided by one of the daughters of the homeless woman, who, due to the mother's act, had to spend her whole life alone.

With the proliferation of commercial magical services, any problem with finding a man began to be called the "crown of celibacy". I strongly disagree with this.

It is very interesting to observe families where several generations of women at once have problems not so much with finding a man, but with building a marriage and relationships. As a rule, the term of the relationship is shortened with each generation.

For example, my grandmother has been married for 25 years and divorced. Mom, before parting with her husband, lived with him for 15 years.Her eldest daughter stayed married for 4 years, and her younger sister only a year. And their daughters, most likely, will not be able to get married at all.

This can also be called a kind of "crown of celibacy", but since the marriage was still, it is rather a problem of gender in the female line. For example, this happens when a woman has only her own opinion on everything, when from generation to generation older women instill in the younger that men are bad and dangerous. Thus, they actually impose the notorious "crown" on themselves.

If a woman divorced and cannot remarry in any way, although she wants it, it is most likely not the “crown of celibacy” that is to blame, but the negative that she received during the divorce. In this case, a woman finds herself tied to her ex-husband, to a former relationship, and cannot build a new relationship.

Advice for those who cannot get married after a failed relationship: urgently free yourself from attachments, throwing your ex out of your head and removing all things that remind you of your previous union out of sight.

You should clearly understand for yourself that this relationship is over, put an end to it and not hope for any renewal. This can be done using a simple technique: take two candles, tie them with a thread, give one candle your name, the other the one to whom you are still tied.

One of the most important signs of attachment is if you are dreaming of a person. When a woman says: I got divorced a long time ago, I no longer think about him, but I constantly dream about him. Light the candles and try to realize, to feel the bond that fetters you. And as soon as you feel it, you need to cut it, destroying both the thread and the candles. This manipulation gives freedom from old energy attachments and allows you to move forward.

There is another reason for female loneliness - when a woman is not confident in herself and her eyes do not burn. This suggests that she lacks energy. In this case, if we talk about magical practices, a ritual with a mirror will help. For 21 days in a row, standing in front of a mirror, a woman should examine herself and say out loud that she is beautiful today, that she is already loved by someone with whom she has not yet met, that she is the most beautiful, she is a queen, she is young, she is cheerful, she is happy.

Sergey Lang, psychologist, NLP specialist:

- The crown of celibacy is a serious negative energy program that interferes with building a personal life. But if you are alone for a long time, this does not mean at all that you have a "crown"! Women often label themselves as “loneliness is my destiny”, “I have a crown,” etc. Thoughts are material. And if a woman lives with such a conviction for a long time, then she herself leads herself to loneliness, involuntarily programming her future. And in order to change a woman's thinking and remove these problems from her, it takes a lot of work.

But there are also situations when the celibacy crown is not invented by the woman herself, but really is. Here are the signs of a true celibacy crown:

1. You cannot build a long-term relationship with anyone, they last no longer than 2-3 months.

2. Men avoid you, although outwardly you are very attractive.

3. Your mom is also alone and has never been married.

4. You cannot meet anyone for more than two years.

5. In your life, circumstances of irresistible force constantly occur that prevent you from letting a new person into your life.

6. You yourself have never seriously loved anyone.

If you find at least 2 items from this list, then you have a reason to contact a specialist. Whether you really have a celibacy crown on your own is impossible to determine on your own and you should trust a professional. There are many techniques that can change your life for the better.

Saona, tarot reader:

- The crown of celibacy is passed on by karma, by family. Or it is a specially made ritual aimed at preventing the girl from getting married.

The crown of celibacy can be “written in kind” along with the seal of loneliness. In general, they are practically the same thing.

In ancient times, the crown of celibacy could be sent by sorcerers of the highest rank, usually this was done in order to exterminate the clan, to end its existence.

Currently, there are effective ways to relieve such problems. But it is not always possible to understand whether there is really a celibacy crown? Many girls simply do not find their soul mate for a long time.

But if this lasts for years, during which a person is doomed to loneliness, it is worth beating the alarm.

The crown of celibacy is not only among women, but also among men - it is they who become inveterate bachelors. Previously, the people called these "bobs". A conspiracy of red fabric will help women: a girl speaks a red sheet and then sleeps on it for 40 days, after which she gets rid of loneliness and sadness forever. There are very effective rituals with a veil and a wedding wreath. But it is better to carry out them with the help of specialists, otherwise you can make a mistake and get the opposite result.

Ajay Sharma, Indian sexologist:

“Even in our country, where there are many of our own rituals, Muslim love magic is in vogue. And there is a scientific explanation for this. Islam has taken root in those parts of the world where people are naturally hotter and intemperate in matters of sex. Religion imposes restrictions on them in this sense, and sometimes it is reasonable, otherwise they would not have strong families.

For example, in the Muslim-dominated Indian states of Jammu and Kashmir, both genders are much more active in matters of intimacy than in the Hindu and Catholic regions. But the majority are God-fearing, therefore the institution of the family is strong, because this is what the Prophet Muhammad bequeathed. Therefore, every Muslim girl strives to get married and firmly knows that for this she really needs to desire.

In Sunni countries (mainly in the Middle East), until relatively recently (and in some places and still, although in most regions it is already illegal), female genital mutilation was practiced. Since ancient times, the Arabs considered their women too sensual and thus sought to "cool their love ardor" and protect them from dishonor. As a result of this operation, the woman theoretically should not have experienced anything during intimacy.

Nevertheless, in the late 90s, one of the Saudi princesses, who advocated for equal rights for women, together with British sexologists conducted an anonymous survey among circumcised compatriots and found that many circumcised ladies retain interest in sex, desire and even the ability to enjoy. The sexological community has come to the conclusion that the reason for this "miracle" is that "sex begins in the head." Muslim ladies think a lot about sex, and men feel it. The best way to combat what you call the crown of celibacy.

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