The Funniest Sex Positions

The Funniest Sex Positions
The Funniest Sex Positions

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In the Kamasutra, the book of love, there are not only highly poetic names for poses, but there are also the funniest ones, while they are funny even in their technique of execution. Of course, we will not deny that thanks to them you can achieve incredible pleasure and vivid impressions.

Funny sex positions

"Scissors in flight". This sexual pose should be performed primarily by gymnasts. Indeed, despite the fact that from the outside it looks very funny, not every couple can fulfill it. So, both a man and a woman should have pumped up arms. The partner is holding the partner with them, and she, in turn, holds on to her lover with one hand, and with the other rests on the floor. The incredible advantage of this position is that it improves blood circulation in the pelvic organs of a woman and gives her a divine orgasm. If we talk about the minuses, then "Scissors in flight" can be attributed to traumatic postures. Indeed, if done incorrectly, you can damage the genitals of both. All this is due to the unconventional angle of entry of the penis into the vagina.

"Plow". Of course, in this case, as, indeed, in the previous one, the woman is in complete control of her man. This funny pose of the Kama Sutra is especially recommended for those who love role-playing games, in which one of the actors is necessarily the leader. So, all of his chosen one, the young man holds in his courageous hands, completely setting the pace of movements. It is important that the partner has considerable flexibility - after all, the intensity of the orgasm of both depends on this.

"Wheelbarrow". Ideal, albeit a little funny, pose for stimulating the G-spot, as well as getting a vivid orgasm. Moreover, the representatives of the strong half of humanity "Wheelbarrow" guarantees deep penetration, new sensations and considerable excitement. In addition, if you want to add variety (of course, this position is a kind of novelty) during the approach of orgasm, if the partner puts his hand on the clitoris, then the partner will feel something incredibly beautiful.

"Accordion". This name by changing the position in sex speaks for itself - partners will play their intimate melody. Here the man is completely dependent on the woman. He is subordinate to her. The girl has the right to completely control the rhythm of the frictions. She is able to play with her partner's genitals - immersing him deeper and deeper inside herself, further arousing the partner, and unexpectedly for him, removing the penis from the vagina, which will make the partner beg for mercy and a repetition of sexual pleasure.

"The spoon". Although this position looks like a gymnastic exercise, sexologists recommend practicing it in the morning when you want to find the perfect way to wake up. Moreover, this position can be the start of more active sex. In addition, with her free hand, a woman can caress the male testicles, giving both of them even more excitement. If the partner has an impeccable stretch and can easily sit on the split, then the higher the leg is raised, the brighter the sensations for both lovers. The partner, in turn, can put his free hand on the clitoris, stimulating it and transferring his beloved to another world, the world of pleasure and orgasm.

"Carousel". Such an unusual pose, a bit reminiscent of joint yoga, will suit both tastes. In addition, it is suitable for a partner with a long genital organ, which sometimes delivers a little painful sensations to the partner. It requires a minimum of flexibility, and you don't have to sweat a lot to get the pleasure you want. It will not be superfluous to mention that during copulation, the head of the penis is stimulated, and this gives a man colorful sensations.

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