One-time Sex: Why Men Disappear After Intimate Dates

One-time Sex: Why Men Disappear After Intimate Dates
One-time Sex: Why Men Disappear After Intimate Dates

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Sex columnist WomanHit Roman Galchenko speculated about the (ambiguous) male perception as familiar expressions


"Sex is not interesting for one or two times", "I am not looking for one-time meetings", and similar expressions are regularly found in women's profiles. It is clear where. And, for me, these phrases discredit those who wrote them, says Roman Galchenko.

The explanation is logical and simple. If I deny something, then I know it. In a word, I came across a similar one and did not like it. I could easily have written myself that I don't like boiled onions or milk foam. And against their appearance in your life. And someone is allergic to nuts in chocolate or citrus fruits. And the person avoids these foods. He avoids it, because he tried it, and the effect was not ice!

As for intimacy, I can hardly imagine a normal man who, having experienced powerful sensations from sex, would not want it again. And it was with the same lady.

Women who write about the “disposability”, apparently, faced the disappearance of partners immediately after the “passionate night”. Otherwise, they would not deliberately focus on this very "disposability." Sorry, but the conclusion in itself suggests itself: it means that they themselves were not good enough in the intimacy space.

Thus, the questionnaire phrases we are examining from the position of a man do not cause the desired effect, they say, a woman is tuned exclusively to something long-term. And a completely justified suspicion: is it worth paying attention to her, and even with a "serious" accent, if sex with her, apparently, will not be very good.

You say, they say, speculation and stupidity. Maybe. But from a feminine point of view. Therefore, I am deliberately talking about male perception. Moreover, I do not believe in sex once or twice, but I believe in bad sex. And all disposables are imaginary, most often it is from them that the bud of feelings blooms. With alluring moisture, sweetly irrigating the soil of hypothetical relationships. Of course, if initially we deliberately, and not only by a pleasant picture, determine a partner.

And yes, the rational approach, like choice through denial, does not work in the realm of feelings. Lightness, flair works, as well as unforgettable sensations. And the above does not tolerate boundaries, especially contrived, and even discrediting loved ones.

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