Sexologist Told How To Recognize A Good Lover By The Length Of The Leg

Sexologist Told How To Recognize A Good Lover By The Length Of The Leg
Sexologist Told How To Recognize A Good Lover By The Length Of The Leg

Video: Sexologist Told How To Recognize A Good Lover By The Length Of The Leg

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Sexologists told how to recognize a man who knows how to give great pleasure in intimate relationships. As it turned out, a good lover can be recognized both by his appearance and by his behavior.

As the family psychotherapists and psychologist-sexologist Inna Paustovskaya told "Reedus", first of all, you need to pay attention to the features of your appearance.

“Sexologists have such a concept as“the level of the sexual constitution. It consists of different parameters, and these parameters include, oddly enough, the length of the leg. There is the so-called "trachoteric index", it is from the word "trachoter" - the hip joint. So, the shorter the length of the leg from the hip joint to the floor, the higher the level of sexual constitution - or, in simple words, sexuality. Therefore, if a man is small and stocky, this is one of the first signs of a high level of sexuality, sexual activity and need,”the specialist shared.

She also named other outward signs of a good sexual partner:

“Of course, everyone knows the sign of testosterone - baldness on the head and increased hair on the rest of the body. These indicators are taken into account in the level of the sexual constitution, when a certain, in simple terms, questionnaire is filled out. Therefore, if we see a short man with short legs, bald head and, at the same time, with increased hair on all other parts of the body, then these will be just the outward signs of a fairly high sexuality. It just says that a man can be a good lover."

According to her, if you pay attention to behavior, then a good sexual partner is betrayed, first of all, by increased tactile sensitivity - that is, this person is a kinesthetic.

“These people prefer clothes that are comfortable and soft to the touch. They tend to love touch, are more sensitive to touch, love hugs. Such people, of course, pay great attention to intimacy. They will try to please their partner, as well as their own personal feelings will be important to them,”shared Inna Paustovskaya.

The sexologist also named the signs of men that may not be very good in an intimate sense.

“The outward signs of low testosterone are obesity, a big belly as a kind of lifeline around. It is believed that you can measure the volume of a man's abdomen and roughly assume the level of testosterone. Doctors use this test when certain volumes can speak about the approximate primary indicators. Of course, no one canceled a blood test, but, nevertheless, obese men have lower testosterone levels. Although it can be compensated for if we see that a man is overweight, but at the same time increased hairiness and baldness. In this case, we can say that a high level of testosterone was genetically laid down, but over time it could decrease due to obesity. And, naturally, overweight men can have less sexual needs, get tired faster. These are signs of not the best sexual partner,”she said.

Inna Paustovskaya clarified that signs of narcissism in a man also speak of "selfishness" in intimacy - when he has narcissism or his self-esteem jumps from one extreme to another.

“People who are prone to such qualities will be more focused, first of all, on themselves, rather than on a partner,” said the sexologist.

According to her, not very good sexual partners will be suspicious men who are focused on their health.In addition, she attributed pedantic men to bad partners - including in matters of appearance, as well as squeamish - for example, in relation to food.

“It’s not for nothing that they say that by the way a person eats, one can determine what kind of person he is in bed. People with a good appetite usually have a good sexual appetite. People who have difficulties and problems in food - they are often just as squeamishly picking at a plate, squeamish and in bed, "- concluded Inna Paustovskaya. The opinion of a male sexologist

In turn, psychotherapist, sexologist, candidate of medical sciences Alexander Poleev assures that in most cases it is impossible to recognize a sexually good lover in advance.

“The sexual function is quite autonomous. And a person who is outwardly modest, even unsure of himself, can function perfectly sexually. And some big guy with developed muscles, outwardly a vulture eagle, can function sexually rather modestly,”he said.

The specialist clarified that it is possible to recognize a person's temperament.

“Facial expressions, sparkle in the eyes. But temperament and the ability to have sexual intercourse are two different things. Temperament is a purely psychological thing, desire, interest, striving. But the ability to erect is already psychophysiology. And very often men have a rupture, when a very strong desire and attraction are not supported by an erection - sufficient, because an erection can be “modest,” said Poleev.

According to the sexologist, women can experience the same thing.

“But if a woman can hide the lack of pleasure, then a man cannot do that. So you can only recognize a good lover if you go to bed with him, and several times. In a calm atmosphere to let him open up,”he shared his opinion.

Alexander Poleev advised asking a man what kind of sexual relationship he would like to do.

“Maybe there is some form of sex in which he is a really good lover,” the expert said.

Earlier, "Reedus" wrote about three signs by which you can determine the unsuitable for a romantic relationship partner.

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