8 Mistakes You Make After Sex

8 Mistakes You Make After Sex
8 Mistakes You Make After Sex

Video: 8 Mistakes You Make After Sex

Video: 8 Mistakes You Make After Sex
Video: 10 Things Women Should Not Do During Sex | Biggest Mistakes | Guys Hate These. 2023, October

Women's magazines pay a lot of attention to sex advice regarding foreplay and, in fact, the sexual intercourse itself, but they rarely talk about what to do after you have been consumed by the fire of passion.


Correcting this oversight by telling you what mistakes to avoid as soon as you break your hug.


Don't go to the toilet after sex

No, you don't have to rush there at full steam, as soon as the love game is over, but we still recommend urinating after sex. This is one of the surest ways to prevent urogenital infections - pathogenic bacteria are washed out in the urine.

However, no one drives you there if you don't really want to go to the toilet: 20 minutes or an hour is not such a big difference.

Don't hug your partner

Are you a lover to turn away and fall asleep right after sex? You will have to reconsider your priorities, because scientists have figured out that hugs are necessary to maintain a strong relationship.

It's not just the hormone oxytocin, which is also produced during postcoital hugs. Researchers from the University of Toronto conducted an experiment asking 335 participants (138 men and 197 women) how satisfied they were with their relationships. Scientists also sought to find out what factors influence the quality of sex life. It turned out that neither the foreplay nor the sexual intercourse itself has a big effect on the degree of satisfaction, but the hugs after sex - very much even. The study found that couples who spent more time after sex hugging, kissing and caressing each other were more satisfied with their intimate life than those who fell asleep right away.

Do not wash away

As with going to the toilet, this does not mean that you should immediately run to the shower, washing off the smell of your beloved. Moreover, you cannot do this if you do not want to mortally offend your lover. But hygiene is necessary, and a shower after a good lovemaking is an obligatory part of hygiene procedures. By the way, no one bothers to take it together!

Do not completely wash out the grease

Always think about your body and take care of it. If your microflora is sensitive to spermicidal lubricant, lubricant or condoms, be sure to thoroughly wash it out of your vagina.

Don't check the condom

Condoms do not provide a 100% guarantee of protection against genital infections and pregnancy - we hope you know that. Therefore, if you chose this of all remedies, make sure after sex that the used condom does not break.

Even if this happened, do not panic: you need to use a test for genital infections and emergency contraception.

You go to the "second round", despite the burning sensation

It often seems that a slight burning sensation in the vagina after sex is not a problem and will in no way prevent you from enjoying the next round. In fact, if you feel discomfort between your legs, it is better to wait until it disappears completely, because otherwise you will not have enough lubrication to enjoy the process.

Alternatively, if you really want to experience another orgasm, offer to help you with your hands or mouth.

Sleeping in sexy lingerie

Yes, you looked very impressive in a corset and lace panties. After sex, you feel so tired that you just want to turn on your side and doze off (cuddle first!). But doctors recommend using such underwear exclusively for sexual games; it is better to sleep in ordinary cotton panties.

Nylon, rayon or polyester panties are not suitable for sleeping."After sex, your skin is warm and moist," reminds gynecologist Leslie Page, "from sweat, vaginal secretions and semen." Synthetic underwear traps moisture and increases the risk of infections - the genitals also need to breathe.

Don't wash your sex toys

If you use sex toys in your bed play, remember to wash them immediately after use. Like a cup of tea. Don't let bacteria find permanent shelter there.

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