Why Sports Are Bad For Intimate Life

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Why Sports Are Bad For Intimate Life
Why Sports Are Bad For Intimate Life

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Sports are becoming more and more popular - girls with perfectly fit abs look at us from instagram and magazine covers, and it is impossible to walk in the park without meeting a couple of dozen runners.

And this is great - sport is useful and enjoyable, as long as you do it for yourself and for pleasure. But if you are losing weight in suffering from the fact that you do not like yourself now and you will never be able to fix it, then this will greatly affect all aspects of your life. And first of all, it will affect sex - because the constrained partner loses desire. If at work you are bound by a contract, and genes bind you to your family, then nothing binds you in bed except consent. And if you are in fear, then you stop wanting and intimate life flies into hell.

My life, like any other, is destroyed by self-dissatisfaction. It is important to be aware of your fears and desires so as not to cry in the gym, flipping through the Instagram of fitness babies. If you decide that you definitely want to change your figure - lose weight and tighten muscles, then you need to know the main secret of going to the gym, their superpower. But when buying a gym membership, it is worth remembering that hard work has a negative side.

1. Sport can damage self-esteem

The relationship between exercise and weight loss is not as straightforward as it seems. In order to achieve impressive results, it is necessary not only to "swing", but to follow a diet, choose the right type and degree of load and devote a lot of time and effort to this. And if you literally force yourself to go to the gym, not paying attention to your own desires, but at the same time do not see the results, this will negatively affect self-esteem. And the lower the self-esteem, the more difficult it is to open up to your partner and start enjoying sex.

2. Decreased sensitivity

Studies conducted in 2012 and 2014 showed that cycling too vigorously can negatively affect the condition of the pelvic floor muscles and cause numbness in the genitals, which affects the experience of sex. The pressure of the bicycle saddle on the perineum leads to a decrease in sensitivity. Of course, this does not mean that it is necessary to prohibit women from cycling - but we can advise supplementing them with exercises that help strengthen the pelvic muscles.

3. Injury risk

When preparing for a marathon or weightlifting competition, it is difficult to avoid injury. But even beginner athletes often experience injuries of the knee and hip joint, especially if they approach the matter with all enthusiasm and without a proper understanding of safety precautions. Of course, such injuries are not conducive to a rich sex life (although you will know exactly how caring your partner can be). Therefore, try not to take maximum weight or run an ultramarathon in the first workouts.

And remember: sport is not a panacea, especially if you approach it amateurishly and without the help of a coach. Yes, it will cost you a certain amount, but it's worth it, because doing the exercises on your own can at least not get any result and, at the most, cause harm to your health.

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