Singer MakSim Stole A Man From The Family?

Singer MakSim Stole A Man From The Family?
Singer MakSim Stole A Man From The Family?

Video: Singer MakSim Stole A Man From The Family?

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Today, information appeared in the media that the singer MakSim allegedly had an affair with a married man. According to the press, the artist's romance with businessman Boris Vorobyov began recently. His wife Lyudmila found out about her husband's relationship with the performer in the fall of this year, and on December 1 she filed for divorce.

MakSim's acquaintance with Boris took place, according to his spouse, at the airport. The businessman took the artist's phone number, after which they began a passionate romance. Vorobyov's wife did not dare to wash dirty linen in public, however, after allegedly beginning to receive threats from MakSim, she took decisive action.

Boris's wife declares that the artist threatens to sue her, and besides, she insults and records telephone conversations. And all this, according to Lyudmila, so that she does not make this scandalous story public. “One gets the impression that it was I who broke the family, and not my husband started an affair with her. A couple of days ago I decided to leave Moscow for a while. Back in January. At this time, a divorce should take place. The marriage cannot be saved, and I don’t want to! " - said Lyudmila. It is curious that MakSim denies any connection with Vorobiev. She does not consider it necessary to make excuses for the story of "a jealous wife, whose husband listens to her songs."

The singer assured that now her heart is completely free, according to Starhit. This statement, by the way, corresponds to what MakSim told earlier. In October of this year, she hinted that her relationship with her previous boyfriend was over, and she was not yet ready for a new one. She was going through a crisis in her personal life, which had a fruitful effect on her creative activity.

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