Quite A Shameful Shameful Thing

Quite A Shameful Shameful Thing
Quite A Shameful Shameful Thing

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Have you ever masturbated?


We bet on anything - yes. According to practicing sexologists, any person, regardless of gender, upbringing and nationality, does this at least once.

And how did you feel? We bet - some awkwardness. Either in front of herself, or in front of strict parents who suddenly appeared in memory, or in front of possible witnesses.

And even if no one has ever openly forbidden you to masturbate, you still know from somewhere that this is not a very decent business. It's a shameful business. True, it is not very clear why it is considered shameful.

Some kind of long-ago, medieval still ban on sexual pleasures, some sanctimonious, Soviet still, a guilt complex for ideologically harmful entertainment, some ancient, unreasonable fear of emancipation and self-sufficiency.

During my childhood, the masturbation boy was considered to be “preoccupied” and “difficult”, and the masturbation girl “grows up as a prostitute”. At the same time, everyone was secretly anxious and prostitutes, and if adults were right in their fears, today the world would turn into a brothel.

It would seem - what's the problem?

It turns out that many adults, continuing to masturbate in their solid life (which is quite normal), experience a feeling of extreme shame (which is abnormal), begin to consider themselves insignificant (which is generally nonsense) and go into the deepest depression on their own account (which just stupidity, in my opinion). Heavy thoughts about yourself require a way out, tension - release, the best release is masturbation, masturbation is heavy thoughts. A vicious circle, gentlemen.

In general, psychologists say: while masturbation as such is publicly banned, many people will engage in it with manic persistence, falling into depression, crippling their own lives and disfiguring their children's libido.

What to do with masturbation?

1. Stop being shy about her. Of course, I’m not just urging you to do this openly and publicly - sex is an intimate affair, even if it remains, but admit at least to yourself: yes, I get sexual release on my own, and this is good. Okay. Very good. Just great.

2. Remember once and for all: having a permanent partner and masturbation are not mutually exclusive things. Masturbation is not an indicator that you are unlucky in your personal life. It's just a pleasant and gentle way to spend your free time. And that's all.

3. Discover the real benefits of masturbation: disclosing your own sexual potential, liberation, relieving sexual tension, embodying sexual fantasies, throwing out positive emotions, exploring your own body, satisfying curiosity. As you can see, there is no theft, no murder, no betrayal in the list of emotions brought by masturbation. So why be ashamed of her?

4. Stop stressing about your kids' masturbation. Do not catch them in the toilets, do not turn on the lights in the nursery, do not pull their hands out from under the covers - they will still find a way to do it, only they will begin to feel guilty and stupid shame.

5. Allow yourself to masturbate whenever you want. You will see, as soon as you give yourself such permission, you will not really want to.

6. And read some exciting book about quality masturbation. This is such a fascinating business, by the way - and not at all embarrassing. Honestly.

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