What Days Is It Better For Spouses To Sleep Separately

What Days Is It Better For Spouses To Sleep Separately
What Days Is It Better For Spouses To Sleep Separately

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A marital bed is often associated with a strong marriage. Over time, lovers decide to sleep separately, this step is taken by "experienced" couples and young people. Of great interest is the question of what days it is recommended for spouses to sleep separately.


When is the best time to sleep separately?

Neil Stanley stated back in 2009 that sleeping together cannot help the physical health of spouses. A specialist from the University of Surrey said that sleep is "a selfish occupation", so it is better for couples in love to sleep in separate beds.

Sleeping separately is recommended during menstruation. On these days, a woman becomes irritable, discomfort and anxious. Back in the 80s, the World Health Organization conducted an interesting survey. The survey results were as follows: 54% of women from England did not allow intimate relationships during menstruation, in more conservative countries this figure reached 98%.

In Russia, during "women's affairs", priests advised men to sleep separately from their beloved. The holy fathers recommended to the wives not to take off their clothes in the presence of the husband.

In the old days, the couple slept in different beds before and after childbirth, during religious fasts. Late pregnancy is not conducive to sleeping together these days. The husband is afraid to accidentally hurt his beloved, and the pregnant woman herself sleeps very lightly.

You can sleep separately when one of the spouses snores, watches TV for too long. In such situations, people in love argue and quarrel. Sociology professor Paul Rosenblatt writes in his book that in order to avoid such problems, it is enough to "scatter" in different bedrooms.

"Renewal" of intimate relationships

Separate sleep allows spouses not only to get enough sleep, but also to improve sexual relations. Research by sex therapists confirms that couples who periodically sleep separately can boast of the most ideal intimate relationships.

Anetta Orlova (psychologist) is a supporter of separate sleep. According to Orlova, in order to awaken the old passion, you need to sleep in different beds. Psychologist Katerina Boychenko is of the same opinion.

A unique research was carried out in the laboratory of Ryerson University (Canada). Married couples had to sleep 10 days together, 10 days - in different rooms. Study participants were monitored using actographic equipment. The study found that sleep quality deteriorated when people fell asleep together.

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