Colleagues And Acquaintances - About The Divorce Of Lolita Milyavskaya And Dmitry Ivanov

Colleagues And Acquaintances - About The Divorce Of Lolita Milyavskaya And Dmitry Ivanov
Colleagues And Acquaintances - About The Divorce Of Lolita Milyavskaya And Dmitry Ivanov

Video: Colleagues And Acquaintances - About The Divorce Of Lolita Milyavskaya And Dmitry Ivanov


The news of the separation of the singer Lolita Milyavskaya and her husband, coach Dmitry Ivanov, sounded like a bolt from the blue. Many considered this couple to be ideal, even though the husband is 11 years younger than his wife. They never quarreled, did not sort things out publicly, on the contrary - they talked about each other only with warmth and respect.


In early July, Lolita published on her blog: “Dima and I decided that it was time to leave. We have begun to treat each other very evenly lately. In order not to turn into people constantly sorting out the relationship, this is the way out! I had a wonderful "young" husband for 9 years). I wish him all the best, sincerely. Honestly, I experienced a week), and then spat))). I am proud of his courage, because I could have stayed and endured me all my life."

Ivanov was unambiguously the initiator of the divorce. Emotional Lolita, who does not go into her pocket for a word, said this from the stage during her speech: "My husband sent me a week ago." Fans immediately suggested that Dmitry went to another, younger one. Ivanov is 44 years old, he is in excellent physical shape and certainly enjoys the attention of women. But 55-year-old Milyavskaya in advance brushed aside dirty speculation: "In offense, I will not give my ex to those who will try to write nasty things!" And it seems to be a common story: a still interesting man leaves his wife, who is older than him, but they do not stop discussing her. Milyavskaya and Ivanov were quite a harmonious couple, so the singer's fans and her friends are worried that the marriage, which lasted 9 years, has broken up.

Unequal marriage

For Lolita, this marriage was the fifth in a row, for Dmitry - the second. Ivanov married for the first time at the age of 18 in his homeland - in the Belarusian city of Mogilev. His wife gave birth to his daughter, but two years later they divorced. Dmitry played tennis, worked as a fitness trainer. When I received an offer to work in a fitness club in Moscow, I gladly accepted it.

In 2009, Dmitry was introduced to Lolita by their mutual friend. Ivanov worked in a fitness center near Mosfilm, where Milyavskaya filmed a video. The acquaintance ended with dinner at a restaurant and the continuation of the relationship, which gradually turned from friends to romantic ones. Then there was a marriage proposal, a luxurious wedding at the Ukraine Hotel for 100 people …

The media immediately dubbed Ivanov "the young husband", although he was no longer a boy at that time. Thanks to his wife, the unknown Belarusian coach became a media person, famous people appeared in his entourage. There are many photos on the Internet, in which Ivanov with celebrities: Andrei Malakhov, Svetlana Loboda, Vera Brezhneva … Later he found himself a new business - he became a squash coach. To do this, he completed a training course with the Austrian athlete Michael Hahn, and received the second coaching level already in Israel. He consolidated his skills at competitions, including international ones, which were held in Europe, and showed very good results.

"She did what she wanted"

From the outside, it seemed that everything was going smoothly in the relationship between Lolita and Dmitry, although there were still alarm bells. The singer once said that her husband did not want her to turn into an aunt. Lolita does not adhere to a healthy lifestyle, and Ivanov in this sense is the complete opposite of her. It is enough to see his cubes on his stomach to understand: such a man will not gorge himself on dumplings or be pumped up with beer.

After the news of the breakup, Ivanov held a siege to the press for a long time, but in the end he admitted that he was tired of trying to remake his wife, who is stubborn. “You could just as well have knocked your forehead against the wall,” Dmitry said. "She continued to do what she wanted …"

"Lolita provided him"

Actor Stanislav Sadalsky condemned the singer for her public recognition:

- If the artist has nothing more to brag about, then he begins to talk about his personal life. It would be better if Lolita "spoke" with her songs, and not about who she gave.

But Milyavskaya's friend Anita Tsoi sincerely sympathizes with her.

- Lolita, of course, was happy, but when her husband is younger, such situations very often arise, - says Anita Tsoi. - Lolita herself is a very strong woman, kind and tried to help the man who is next to her. She greatly helped Dima in his professional development as an athlete. It seems to me that due to the fact that he could not fully realize himself as a man, as the head of the family, it was difficult for him. It's no secret that Lolita provided him with food and drink. Although he also tried, he did everything he could: he helped his wife with household and work chores, went on tour with her.

Anita admitted that breaking up with her husband is not easy for Lolita:

- Her heart hurts, and she is very worried, because one thing is when you file for divorce yourself, another is when you have to accept the truth that is presented to you.

Tsoi also claims that she never noticed that "Dima behaved somehow differently" or that there were feuds between the spouses.

Who knows, maybe Dmitry and Lolita will get back together. Anita says her friend hasn't lost hope yet. The divorce suit, apparently, has not yet been filed.

Milyavskaya's star lawyer and friend Sergei Zhorin (he can most likely be her representative in the divorce proceedings) declined to comment.

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