Poleev: Sex Is Not A Gift For February 23

Poleev: Sex Is Not A Gift For February 23
Poleev: Sex Is Not A Gift For February 23

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Candidate of Medical Sciences Alexander Poleev told NSN why not every man will like sex as a gift.

The best gift for a man on February 23rd will be sex. This statement was made by the deputy head physician for the medical department of the clinical diagnostic center of the GKB im. Spasokukotsky Moscow Healthcare Department, urologist Vladimir Ivanov. He reported that having an active sex life improves mood, reduces stress levels and releases the "happiness hormone" endorphin and oxytocin, which induces a sense of security. He added that sexual activity improves blood flow to internal organs, muscle condition and even prevents disease.

Doctor-sexologist, candidate of medical sciences Alexander Poleev said on the air of NSN that the festive mood, in principle, implies sex, but it cannot serve as the main gift.

“Men are not made on a conveyor belt. This is not a Zhiguli or Lada car. They are real people and quite different. Someone really loves sex and for someone sex is really the best gift. Well, in general, all over the world, in civilized countries, it is customary to celebrate holidays somehow with sex. This is March 8 and November 7, and Children's Day. The holiday mood involves sex. But, there are men who believe that a wife or beloved woman should somehow think about what he needs. Perhaps he has material or everyday problems, or he is unable to search, he does not have the time and energy, or he cannot find. It could be some kind of book, some kind of special clothing. Or maybe he dreams of Chagall's album, but cannot afford it,”he said.

The expert clarified that material gifts can demonstrate an attitude towards a person no worse than sex.

“Sex is a must in our time. But is there still some kind of gift needed? Firstly, as a rule, yes. And secondly, a gift is an indicator of how much a married couple understands each other. In general, those who think that they will give sex and this will solve all the issues, I think that a minority of them think correctly, and a significant part of them are mistaken,”the expert said.

Earlier, Candidate of Medical Sciences Alexander Poleev discussed with NSN the invention of a button that signals a partner that he is ready for sex. According to the expert, such an innovation is a little humiliating and can provoke conflicts within the couple.

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