Not Only Meladze Is "sinful": The Stars Who Could Not Resist The Temptation

Not Only Meladze Is "sinful": The Stars Who Could Not Resist The Temptation
Not Only Meladze Is "sinful": The Stars Who Could Not Resist The Temptation

Video: Not Only Meladze Is "sinful": The Stars Who Could Not Resist The Temptation

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For whom the favorites of millions have exchanged their halves - about this in the material

Rumors leaked on the Web that the producer Konstantin Meladze had a mistress - a member of VIA GRA, Erica Herceg. The girl devotes touching posts to the composer: “Now I have already learned the Russian language, I understand every word and put into the performance my own memories from the past, my feelings, experiences, I can even burst into tears. Nobody, except Kostya, can write like that. " It is not surprising that the current wife may be unhappy with such close communication. Vera Brezhneva recently deleted almost all joint photos with her husband, began to spend more time in the company of her friends, although she only recently admitted in an interview: "Over the past few years, my husband has become a real support for me." We hope that the couple's discord is just rumors and soon we will see them smiling in new joint pictures.

Alla Pugacheva

Maxim Galkin admitted in the AGENTSHOW online program: “We have been together since 2001. Well, part of this period fell on her marriage to Kirkorov, but she did not live with him already, so we officially got married in 2011, but, as a man and a woman, we have been living since 2001”. Despite the discord in family relations, the couple Alla Borisovna and Maxim are close friends of the singer. They spend a lot of time together, often call up and literally make friends with children from birth. This is an example of a couple of two mature adults who were able to resolve long-standing conflicts.

Ani Lorak

Although it seemed to everyone around that there was harmony in the family of singer Ani Lorak and businessman Murat Nalchadzhioglu, the fairy tale did not come true. A paparazzi man was caught in a nightclub hugging a Ukrainian model named Yana around the waist. The girl denied her love affair with a married man, and Murat wrote similar phrases under his photos congratulating his wife: “I wish you all the best, health, happiness, success, harmony in your soul, always under the protection of God! You are the one and only! Whether we are together or not, you are the only one! " Although the man regretted his mistakes, it seems that the family did not manage to reunite - Caroline has not worn an engagement ring since the moment of the breakup. The couple meets only on the common holidays of their daughter - the last time it was the First of September.

Sergei Shnurov

“A smart, bright and interesting woman, you understand, turned out to be innocent in front of anyone. She found herself in a strange situation, as if she was also an outcast for some reason,”Ksenia Sobchak, an old friend of the couple, begins an interview with Matilda Shnurova. When asked how the woman reacted to her ex-husband's imminent wedding, Matilda replied: “Well, listen, I probably don’t want to talk about it. But I’ll say only one thing: it discouraged me, (laughing nervously), that is, I didn’t expect.” The popular musician appeared in public with his new darling in September, a month after his divorce from Matilda, and married the socialite Olga Abramova just 2 months later - in October 2018.

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