Hug A Woman Like A Real Man

Hug A Woman Like A Real Man
Hug A Woman Like A Real Man

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We hope that you will not argue with the fact that there are certain things that every man should know: how to fix a car, how to shave, how to drive up to a girl. To be honest, these things are not always taught - you just know how to do it based on your experience. Surprisingly, most of the women we are friends with are convinced that we men don't know how to hug them properly. This hit our pride, which is why you see this text - it is full of the experience of generations and the recommendations of our close friends. We believe that a guide to hugging women will be as helpful as knowing how to grill meat.

Best cuddling techniques

Calibration Make sure you read her body language correctly. If she asks for a hug, then do it. But do it slowly, slowly, even carefully - when you see that the girl likes it, then continue. If she gives negative signals, then stop hugging your friend. If it ends up turning into an awkward hug, then apologize, smile, laugh, and try again. Laughter provides a relaxing boost for both you and her. Make sure that the girl is having fun and positive emotions, otherwise the whole idea will be a big and stupid failure. Light touches Let's walk through the technique. When you start hugging your friend, use very light contact. Trust us, a light touch is always the right start for great results. If she hugs you around your neck, then slide your hands from her sides to her back. If she is going to hug you around your waist, then focus all your attention on your back - you have nowhere to rush, you still have time to touch her ass. Such a strategy will favorably distinguish you from other guys who immediately climb into panties for girls. Plus, you'll look pretty confident as you don't limit your hug to awkward slaps on the back. Be a gentleman - like James Bond.

High level embrace

There is a great technique in tantric massage that can be used while cuddling. It lies in the fact that your hands should move along her back with varying strength. When doing this, you must use both your palm and your fingertips. When walking up your back straight up to her shoulders, use the full width of your palm. When going down, use only your fingertips. Thus, the girl will not be able to get bored from touching. We also recommend using different degrees of pressure, but do not drive it to the point of absurdity - you do not need to literally press the girl with your palms.

Perhaps you, like many other guys, make a monstrous mistake - after hugging, you immediately release the girl. A quick ending is always bad, it will leave your girlfriend in limbo, so if you want to open your arms, then do it gently and slowly. Continue to keep in touch for a while, even if you have already stopped hugging the girl - she will love it.

Things to Avoid When Hugging a Girl

As you can see, this sounds pretty simple, but in practice you can make a lot of mistakes. We will try to warn you against the most common: - Do not rush anywhere and do not hold it too tightly. There are times when a passionate hug is appropriate. But passion doesn't come out of thin air. First, you must show miracles of tenderness, do everything according to your mind, and only then, with the informal consent of your friend, begin to passionately hug her. It’s better not to do it right away. - Avoid awkwardness. Be aware that some types of fondling will make your partner feel insecure and should be avoided.For example, if you are a tall person, and your girlfriend is a hobbit, then it is reasonable to shift your body slightly to the side so that the girl rests against your chest, and not against your stomach. - Do not be greedy. Too frequent and long hugs can make the girl think that you are far from affectionate, but simply annoying. Even if she likes it and begs for it all the time, you shouldn't be too assertive. Maintain some distance so that the pleasant sensations that hugs give do not fade over time. - Get consent. This is a self-evident condition. If a girl does not want you to hug her, then she should not be hugged. Don't be a fool to rewind a deadline for hugging the wrong girl. - If you hug a girl from behind, then do it carefully. No sudden movements or crazy hugs. If you hugged her from behind, then turn the girl to face you, and sweep your hands to the waist or back. At the end of the text, we would like to say that there are many ways to express love - kissing and sex are just the most extreme of them. A real man should be able to do something other than this. Hugs, in our opinion, are great for creating intimacy between you and your friend. Hugs can be self-sufficient, not just an aperitif for copulation. In addition, if a girl can enjoy a simple hug, then she will definitely be crazy about sex.

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