Which Women Are Often The Victim Of A Pickup Truck

Which Women Are Often The Victim Of A Pickup Truck
Which Women Are Often The Victim Of A Pickup Truck

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A pickup truck is a quick way to seduce a girl (from the English pick up - "pick up", "pick up"). Pikaper suddenly appears in the life of a lady and also suddenly disappears after the first sex. This is such a collector of ladies who have passed through his bed. All he has to do is use the body. Relationships at the level of feelings pickupers categorically do not accept.


Doctor of Sociology, Professor Yevgeny Kashchenko calls the pickup a seduction by a template. Nevertheless, a lot of girls “bite” on this pattern. For example, those who have a poor sense of their boundaries. She, as in that saying, “both wants and injects”. While she is figuring out whether or not to be with him, and if so, when and how and whether it is worth it right away, he has already dragged her into bed.

You can often read such a confession on the forums of pickup victims: “Yes, I knew that he was deceiving me, I felt that all this was not serious on his part, I understood that I was being used as a thing, but I could not do anything. How mesmerized she walked. " The type of female victim is one of the favorite objects of seducers. Understanding everything, such a lady is not even able to hide the humiliation of her position, which only raises the pick-up artist in her own eyes.

Dmitry Olshansky, a psychoanalyst and researcher at the St. Petersburg Institute of Clinical Medicine, explains that the pickup began its distribution in those countries where free sex is publicly prohibited. Consequently, people are forced to suppress sexuality. It is literally a step from this to notoriousness. Men are trying to get rid of her with the greatest number of seduced girls, which helps them feel like real macho. And if the girl at the same time feels humiliated, deceived - the seducer is at the height of bliss.

Close to the type of victim and girls who do not know how to say "no". "He looks after so well, says such gentle words, allowing himself too much, but how can he say" no ", because it will look ugly, uncivilized, indecent, what will he think of me?.." representatives in this case, the really fairer sex. And then they suffer severely, looking for the reason for his departure in himself.

Meanwhile, even Ross Jeffries, the author of the bestselling book How to Get the Woman of Your Dreams to Bed, explains that a pickup truck does not in any way negate family values. According to him, getting his way from a woman is only part of the matter. It is possible that the pick-up artist will meet an intelligent and charming woman, next to whom he will understand that there is something more important than sex. For example, friendship, just close friendships, which, it is possible, can develop into the realm of feelings. At this stage, Jeffries suggests that men stop the series of seductions. Otherwise, picking up leads to complete spiritual devastation. And a holy place, as you know, is never empty. And then the man tries to fill him with the victims of his sexual victories.

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