Koreans Buy Vietnamese Brides On YouTube

Koreans Buy Vietnamese Brides On YouTube
Koreans Buy Vietnamese Brides On YouTube

Video: Koreans Buy Vietnamese Brides On YouTube

Video: Vietnamese Cute Girls interviewing to marry South Korean Men 2022, December

Human rights organization complained about Korean YouTube channels where men choose Vietnamese wives like in a store

The Korean Civic Coalition for Democratic Media (CCDM) watched 518 out of 4,515 videos from 25 such channels. VnExpress cites their recent report. According to him, such videos may hide a violation of the law and human rights.

We are talking about channels, most of which are filled with interviews with Vietnamese women who want to find a husband in Korea. Also "marriage brokers" post videos from weddings of their clients and footage from their life together.

"Factory characteristics"

Often, the first type of video is accompanied by “salesperson” comments. He parses in detail the "product characteristics": height, weight, age, etc. For example:

“She's a little old, but cute. She was born in 1994. Good skin, good coloring."

The post with such a comment received more than 3,000 views. And here is what the broker says in one of the videos about the optimal weight of the future wife:

"A typical Korean man should weigh less than 46 kg for a woman."

In many videos, the happy spouses themselves speak up. For example, here's what one of the Korean husbands says about YouTube-like channels:

“How can I choose my loin the same way? But I can choose a woman here. Choose the type of women I like”.

Another complains that modern Korean women have forgotten how to cook. Unlike Vietnamese:

"Regardless of whether she is good at it or bad, she understands that this is what she should be doing."

In addition to Korean human rights activists, Vietnamese people also consider such content to be problematic. Hoang Giang Son, coordinator of the gender equality program at the Vietnam Institute for Social, Economic and Environmental Studies, told VnExpress that such videos are at least an objectification of women. Regardless of whether the girls themselves voluntarily do it or not. Clients of marriage brokers do not treat flip flops like real women, but like dolls.

Not a fabulous ending

It is worth noting that the news came out in a Vietnamese newspaper against the backdrop of a scandal. A video was leaked in which a Korean husband beat his Vietnamese wife in front of a child for three hours. And this case is far from being isolated. According to the Korean Embassy in Hanoi, in the past few years, an average of 6,000 Vietnamese women have been found in this country a year. Most often these are girls from poor families who want to find wealthy men in economically developed countries.

The Korean government even encourages such marriages. This year, wedding subsidies have become available to international couples in 35 municipalities across the country. These include 3-10 million won (USD 2,670-9,900) and cover basic wedding expenses. So the local authorities are going to slow down the population decline in small towns and villages.

At the same time, the National Human Rights Commission in South Korea found that out of 920 marriage migrants in 2017, 42.1% were subjected to domestic violence, and 68% had sex with their husbands against their will.

In 2014, Korea passed a law prohibiting marriage brokers from providing clients with false information about brides and serving already married men. For violation of the law, the "merchant in wives" will face two years in prison.

True, according to the journalists of the Korean channel MBC TV, in order to avoid punishment, brokers themselves need to move to another country and do business from there.

Market for wives

Vietnamese beauties attract not only Koreans. The Chinese are also looking for Vietnamese brides on special websites.

True, as is the case with Koreans, these marriages are often on the verge of sexual slavery.For example, in 2018, a Vietnamese woman went to prison after selling her daughter-in-law abroad. But initially the girl was offered a money job abroad.

Source: VnExpress. Translation: Nikita Grebennikov.

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