Saltykova Revealed The Intimate Secrets Of Her Ex-husband

Saltykova Revealed The Intimate Secrets Of Her Ex-husband
Saltykova Revealed The Intimate Secrets Of Her Ex-husband

Video: Saltykova Revealed The Intimate Secrets Of Her Ex-husband

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Video: Afia Schwarzeneggar reveals deep secrets about her ex-husband... 2023, January

The former spouses decided to discuss old grievances in the Secret for a Million program.


It would seem that so many years have passed, Viktor Saltykov parted with Irina Saltykova more than 22 years ago, however, as soon as the former spouses meet again in the studio of the Secret for a Million program, old claims to each other again came out. The singer said that together with Ira they were eight years old, but they lived happily only for the first year.

Saltykov believes that he was simply not ready for family life, like Irina. Therefore, when the couple began to remember the details of their life together, a skirmish immediately ensued between them. Irina herself claims that she was an ideal hostess, but her ex-husband did not agree with her. Discussing the financial issue in their family, they again did not get along. According to the artist, when they got married, Victor had nothing, and they celebrated the celebration at the expense of her parents. He began to earn decently only two years later.

“He managed the money himself, he hid it and did not remember. But when my mother started to clean, she found money behind the closet and under the carpet,”said the singer. She also admitted that she had never seen any expensive gifts from Victor, and in general "he was greedy for the family."

Saltykova also told about how she first kicked out her husband, demanding to be coded from alcoholism, Viktor drank "from morning to evening." And perhaps the divorce would have happened already then, but Victor was beaten and robbed, and Irina simply could not leave him at that moment. After that, they spent three more years together. But the problems began again due to the drunkenness of Victor, who more than once raised his hand to Irina. According to her, this was the main reason for the divorce. But not the only one. Saltykov constantly cheated on his wife. The singer did not deny, yes, indeed, he went to the left, but did not want to destroy the family. Irina also confessed to treason, but, according to her, she was motivated by a desire to take revenge on her husband.

As a result, Victor and Irina lashed out at each other with accusations. The artist called his ex-wife a bitch, she reminded in response that he did not pay her child support after the breakup.

“You are a stupid idiot. You are either a goat or a ram. You are carrying rubbish. You are not a man, you are worse. You are not even a woman, although it seems very strong, "- said the artist in a rage.

Also on the air, the singer admitted another secret: she had cancer.

"My dad died, and after 45 days I broke up with (husband Viktor - ed.) Saltykov. And for me it was stress about my dad. For me it was a double blow. The real stress on the basis of which I was diagnosed with the disease", - said the singer.

The artist noted that she had lost a lot of weight, but was able to cope with the disease.

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