Out Of Bed: 10 Underrated Sex Spots

Out Of Bed: 10 Underrated Sex Spots
Out Of Bed: 10 Underrated Sex Spots

Video: Out Of Bed: 10 Underrated Sex Spots

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If the bed is fed up and you want to change your sexual environment - take a look at this list of underrated places for sex. You will surely find something interesting!


1. Gender

Essentially, this is yoga. Sexy yoga, which is good for training new asanas. And most importantly, you don't have to pay for it.

2. Washing machine

Number one on the list of unexpected places to have sex. True, few people know how to use it while working, and the sensations are very interesting! Just do not break the body of the machine.

3. Kitchen table

This is the place where everyone mixes and eats, so you can afford literally anything. And then giggle that the guests are eating where you had an orgasm an hour ago.

4. Armchair

A little effort and a lot of fun, especially if you first watch a porn video about this kind of sex.

5. Sofa

If it does not unfold, but is used precisely as a sofa, and even springs well, the sensations will be very interesting.

6. Coffee table

Only stable and without a glass tabletop, otherwise you will have to blush in the emergency room.

7. Library

We need to do everything as quietly as possible, as Vyacheslav Butusov taught us. And by all means remove the traces of your stay, this is still a book temple.

8. Forest

Make sure it is not tick season and try not to alarm tourists. And a waterproof blanket won't hurt either.

9. Hotel room with open curtains

You, of course, are not exhibitionists, but you can tickle your nerves a little, it's so exciting.

10. Tent in the living room

Almost the same as in the forest, only without mosquitoes and wet branches. Be sure to stock up on a double sleeping bag!

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