100,000 For Fertilization: Revelations Of Strippers

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100,000 For Fertilization: Revelations Of Strippers
100,000 For Fertilization: Revelations Of Strippers

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They suffer from violent clients, date stars and just try to make ends meet. Anews studied the stories of those who are still a curiosity in the puritanical post-Soviet expanses - male strippers.

Where do they come from to striptease? What do they take money for? And what do women want from them?

Dancers, models, aviator and accordion player

Typically, strippers are men from related fields - models, bodybuilders, actors and dancers. However, there are exceptions. For example, Maxim Teltsov from Minsk, received an aviation education and worked as an aviation technician for four years. The banal lack of money prompted him to go to work in striptease.

Maxim's constant partner in the dance-erotic duet G-ZONE Mikhail Nagula was associated with the stage, but in a completely different capacity - as an accordion player. He performed in rural houses of culture.

The most famous stripper in Russia, Sergei Glushko, acting under the pseudonym Tarzan, was a military man, but he came to striptease by a more usual route - through the modeling business. The artist admits that on the podium he lacked dynamics and the opportunity to prove himself:

“Once at the fashion show, the director asked my colleague:

- Come on, you improvise on stage. Do a dance step. Liven up the show.

But a colleague proudly raised his head:

- What am I to you, a dancer? I am a model!

I almost choked with indignation: “Spruce-pala, how everything is running. What are you proud of? You were asked to make an elementary movement, and you boast that you cannot”.

Petr Shestakov, a stripper from Omsk, says that, in reality, the background does not matter in principle:

“In our work, the beauty of dance is only 10% of success, the rest is in the knowledge and use of the rules of psychology. Yes, I used to do ballroom dancing and break dancing. Yes, the girl who brought me to striptease and with whom we often dance in pairs is a choreographer. All this, of course, plays into my hands.

But if you do not maintain visual contact with the spectators - not in the general mass, but with each individual woman - if you cannot show her with your eyes that she is desirable, that you are dancing for her, then you will not see a tip. And if you give everyone a piece of yourself, at least one of them will “shoot”: be generous with tips or want more - I'm talking about a private dance”.

We usually don't even give our phone number for free


Continuing to talk about ways to earn money, Peter Shestakov notes:

“We take money for almost everything. If you want communication (we call this service consumation) - pay, if you want a private dance - pay. We usually don't even give our phone number for free."

However, this position is not shared by everyone. For example, a native of Dnepropetrovsk, Alexei Surovtsev, who bears the stage name Strike, categorically does not accept money from the audience:

“I think this is begging. I am the champion of Ukraine, and this is not my level. Once during a performance, a man came out and just showered me with a rain of money. I didn’t collect any papers. I finished my speech and left. I have my own performance fee."

It happens that strippers receive very unusual offers. Ruslan Tashtimirov from Ufa says:

“Sometimes some fans were so willing to pay 100,000 for artificial insemination. They also offered 500,000, but they were no longer women. Sometimes they called to leave for various countries. But work is a creative state of mind, not a pursuit of money."

“I had to“dance”it. It's hard with a drunken body "

Like any stage activity, striptease is inevitably associated with various incidents.

“When I was just starting to work, I pulled the girl out of the hall - says Alexey Surovtsev - I was shown some kind of difficult support, I tried to repeat it and dropped the poor thing upside down”

Another time, the Dnipropetrovsk stripper had a chance to fully prove his skill:

“Just recently I pulled a girl out of the hall, and she was completely drunk. Well, I think I will not return to the place, I had to “dance” it. Barely held her back and held out on his own. It's hard with a drunken body"

Sometimes the spectators cause problems with their irrepressible activity. One Brazilian stripper told how a very aggressive lady came up to him on stage and began to drag her hair with all her might. She swore obscenely, scratched and fought, trying to rip the scalp off a man, thinking it was a wig. The woman was so insane that she managed to cope with a stronger dancer, knock him to the floor and saddle him.



Accidents happen in the post-Soviet space as well. Once giving an interview, Belarusian Mikhail Nagula showed a scar on his back: “This is March 8 in Molodechno. The girl just jumped up and grabbed me with her nails."

But Pyotr Shestakov is not inclined to dramatize:

“Sometimes among the clients you come across inadequate ones. For example, once they tried to rip off the thong. But these are rare, because the main contingent who attends strip shows are wealthy women 30-45 years old."

Apparently, he understood me like a man

Torn underpants and pole falls are the most common force majeure in the workplace. Another specific case was told by Sergei Glushko.

One night, after a performance, important guests came to their club, and Sergei and a friend were asked to keep them company at a private party in a restaurant.

“There were no women at the table. The orientation of the audience immediately became clear. One of the guests came up to me, put his arm around my shoulder and whispered:

- Today you will come with me.

“I'm not going anywhere,” I replied and threw off his hand.

The man, as if nothing had happened, turned to my friend, and they began to talk nicely.

The guards were ordered not to let anyone out of the club. But I went up to the guard, looked him in the eye and said: "I'll leave now, and you won't do anything to me." Apparently, he understood me like a man and stepped aside …"

Mom even attended my performances four times

One of the most painful moments in the profession of a stripper is the attitude of relatives and friends to this occupation. Someone meets not only understanding, but even interest from parents.

Alexey Surovtsev was lucky:

“Both mom and dad are great, support me, and are my fans. Mom even attended my performances four times. I think she liked it. And at first I was worried, did not know how to tell them about my new job."

But on the part of his wife, the Ukrainian artist did not meet such an understanding - a teacher at school, she could not stand his crazy pace of life.

Alexey could find family happiness only with a colleague - Ksenia, acting under the pseudonym Beatrise:

“Beatrice is my muse, I missed her both in life and in my show. With her, the program became much brighter and more expressive, and my personal life took on new meaning. We have a creative tandem from which we draw inspiration."

Maxim Teltsov followed a similar scenario. His companion, Victoria, is the manager of the G-ZONE duo.

On the part of the parents, Maxim is also doing well:

“I am from a creative family. Mom and Dad are all musicians, dancers, they are normal about my hobby, because they understand that this is also, to some extent, creativity."

At first, Sergei Glushko did not work out so smoothly:

“I hid from my parents for a long time what I was doing. But one day the secret became clear. Mom at the kiosk saw a newspaper on the front page of which I, almost naked, under a huge headline: "Tarzan is the king of striptease." She almost fainted: "My boy, how could he!" But my brother and I reassured my mother, explained that striptease is just an erotic dance, and nothing more."

The famous wife of Tarzan, Natasha Koroleva, never reproached him with a specific profession. The singer said that it was much more important for her to accustom Sergei, who was accustomed to single life and constant travel, to his family and family life. For the rest, she always saw in her husband a very honest, worthy person and a devoted life partner.



Alexey Surovtsev

However, not everyone needs the support of family and friends. Ruslan Tashtimirov from Ufa says that he feels quite comfortable as a free erotic dancer:

“There are no relatives, I am a lone wolf - I live on my own, I do not belong to anyone. As an ascetic, only did not go into nature, but left the creators who gave birth to me. I was always a naughty and difficult child.

The work is such that the (love) relationship will play against you. It’s not jealousy, but the fact that it’s important for a stripper that everyone thinks they can get you. You have to stay wanted. If I have a girlfriend, then I will cease to be desirable for another, which means that I will not be ordered. There should be intrigue and a feeling that I am available. And yes! I like it".

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