"Button" Showed A Perfect Figure

"Button" Showed A Perfect Figure
"Button" Showed A Perfect Figure

Video: "Button" Showed A Perfect Figure

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Video: The White Stripes - Hardest Button To Button (Official Music Video) 2023, February

The star of the popular television series "Daddy's Daughters" showed how


she is vacationing in Spain with her parents. Resting place - Costa Brava, which is in

province of Girona. The girl is happy that she is spending time in such a wonderful place.

Many of her subscribers noticed that she is very similar to her father. Also many

surprised to see a photo of Katya in a swimsuit.

After all, until now people remembered Starshova, like a little girl - "Button". But now she is already 15, and it looks like the girl is already following

your figure. Subscribers complimented her on the fact that she

looks gorgeous.

Many are still expecting new roles from Katya. But some

time ago, the young star debunked all the rumors about her career as an actress and

admitted that she no longer wants to appear in TV shows and movies. Instead, she realized that she

I want to connect my life with mathematics. In mathematics and other subjects in

Katya is very strong at school. She finished nine classes with an excellent student. And she

dreams that he will be able to study the exact sciences deeper. In all her endeavors

her parents support her.

Many fans of Starshova's talent are now sad, because

that they will no longer see their favorite actress on the screens, but they somehow want

good luck to the girl in her future plans for life.

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