16 Cute Chicks Caught In Stupid Situations

16 Cute Chicks Caught In Stupid Situations
16 Cute Chicks Caught In Stupid Situations

Video: 16 Cute Chicks Caught In Stupid Situations

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Video: 20 Awkward Situations at Work / Funny and Embarrassing Moments 2023, February

From time to time you can see an animal in a person, and more often than not it is disgusting. Of course, if we do not mean the gracefulness of a doe or the courage of a lion. However, sometimes everything happens the other way around, and you see a person in an animal: in these eyes, full of life wisdom, as if the entire rich inner world of a cute rabbit or sparrow is reflected. Or even cows! Why not actually?


For example, these cows look as if they understand us perfectly and have more than once found themselves in situations familiar to everyone. Just look at them.

Source: buzzfeed.com

When I blow-dried my hair and it became so soft and silky.

When someone comes to visit too late and you've already changed into your pajamas.

When your friend went overboard again.

When you need to do something, but you don't want to at all and just refuse to get up.

When the kids are naughty and you need to keep a strict look.

When your friend is a restless little photo bomber.

When you are trying to find some unfamiliar place without a phone with the Internet.

When you freeze for a second, remembering past mistakes and understanding how you got into the current situation.

When you come home and finally you can take off your bra.

When nature has not rested on you and has not saved and in everything you are good and beautiful.

When you don't understand how you could have screwed up like that.

When you finally bought a new car and you need a new fucking avatar.

When you just wanted to have fun, but life has other plans for you.

When you've eaten a whole pot of dumplings and can't think of something to do but sit and think what you've done.

When mom doesn't let her friend go out.

When the water is a little cooler than you thought.

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