Marriage With A Sexologist: Instructions For Use

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Marriage With A Sexologist: Instructions For Use
Marriage With A Sexologist: Instructions For Use

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Together with the specialists of the Secrets center for family and sex education, we understand what charms a marriage with a sexologist can promise.


Spoiler alert: having a spouse (s) as a sexologist does not guarantee an endless amount of sex in your couple; It should be understood that a sexologist is not a porno actor (although the combinations of hobbies are different), but above all a psychiatrist who has received additional, postgraduate education.

1. If you have a disagreement, you will quickly find the reason without resorting to the help of a third party

And why is it needed if your pair already has a specialist? In their practice, sexologists often face problems in the relationships of other couples and choose solutions based on their professional experience. When disagreements arise within their own relationships, if one of the parties to the conflict has a full understanding of how this conflict can be resolved, the process of finding a compromise should be significantly accelerated. In addition, the sexologist will be interested in personal motivation in normalizing his marriage.

2. He can always listen to your feelings

Another obvious plus of marriage with a sexologist is the absence of "uncomfortable" topics. You don't have to be afraid that your partner will laugh or make you ashamed when asked about something personal or intimate. Sexologists are people extremely delicate in matters of communication on sensitive topics, so they can safely be entrusted with their experiences and secret dreams - medical ethics does its job.

3. Sex will still be

Sexologists, as a rule, are open to everything related to sex, they are interested in improving the quality of sexual life, not only for their patients, but also for their own. Marrying a sexologist is an endless adventure.

Satisfaction of sexual needs, desires and fantasies is not something supernatural for them. They, as therapists, are well aware of the importance of sex in the relationship between a man and a woman. And they also understand that this sex should not just exist, but be healthy and bring pleasure to both partners.

4. Work on relationships is the main vector of the development of a couple

Do not assume that marriage with a sexologist will automatically save you from arguments, disagreements and problems. Both family members should work hard on it, as on other forms of relationship. Pushing all responsibility onto a partner, even if you are confident in his professional skills, is selfish and disrespectful.

But the chances that overcoming crises in a couple, where one of the spouses has a special education, will be successful, is large enough. Because the vector of development of such relations will be defined as positive and aimed at the earliest possible establishment of harmony in a couple.

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