The Husband Made An Unexpected Confession About Alentova

The Husband Made An Unexpected Confession About Alentova
The Husband Made An Unexpected Confession About Alentova

Video: The Husband Made An Unexpected Confession About Alentova

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Vladimir Menshov became a guest of Yuri Nikolaev's program "Honest Word". The director made an unexpected confession about his wife, actress Vera Alentova.

Vladimir Menshov and Vera Alentova met when they were studying at a theater university. They ended up on the same course. "I am a rather amorous person, but when I met Vera Valentinovna, I stopped searching. I realized that I could not find a better one. This was my prize for all the previous time. I met her already quite an adult. When we got married, I was 24 years old." - said Menshov.

When he met Vera Alentova, Menshov was shocked. The director admitted that then he understood: he had little chance of attracting the attention of the most beautiful girl on the course. Alentova struck him with her femininity and beauty, her ability to delight herself in any society, wherever she appears.

Vladimir Menshov made an unexpected confession: “By my demeanor, by type I am not her person. And if we had not studied in the same course, we would not have been together. We were given a rare chance to get to know each other. Vera had the opportunity to look at me and see what kind of person I am."

At first, Menshov and Alentova were friends, and then they began to meet. Moreover, the courtship period was very short. But recently the director and actress celebrated their golden wedding. At the same time, Vladimir noted that he still cannot predict the behavior of his wife.

"Each time I was amazed that I could not predict my wife's behavior, her reaction, her opinion, her understanding of life. There is a lot of wisdom, naivety and intuition. And the other woman is the daughter of Yulia, our personalities are mixed, and I understand Yulka to a greater extent.", - Menshov admitted.

Earlier, Vladimir Menshov spoke about relationships within the family. “We have the biggest diplomat in our family, Yulia. And Vera and I are uncompromising. Therefore, a hell of a lot of nerves are spent on many things,” he said. For example, if a spouse likes a vacation on the seashore under an umbrella more, then he prefers to move and get as many impressions as possible.

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