Young Wife Gave A Second Chance To Vadim Kazachenko

Young Wife Gave A Second Chance To Vadim Kazachenko
Young Wife Gave A Second Chance To Vadim Kazachenko

Video: Young Wife Gave A Second Chance To Vadim Kazachenko

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Vadim Kazachenko's young wife Olga gave a frank interview. She told about their son Philip and gave her husband a second chance, expressing the hope that Vadim would "get well."


After breaking up with Vadim Kazachenko, his young wife Olga is raising her son Philip alone. She gave him the middle name and surname of the artist. "According to the law, I could not act otherwise, and indeed - I was in a relationship with a wonderful person, gave birth to a beloved man, who for me" disappeared "in September 2016. Today I look at the child and understand that in many ways he went to dad - the same calm, quiet ", - said Olga.

Despite the scandalous events that have occurred in her life over the past few months, the woman still gave Kazachenko a second chance. Olga expressed hope that Vadim "will recover". “I haven’t thought about what I’m going to tell my son about dad - I’m used to living one day and solving problems as they come. But I can say that in general I’m not against their communication, maybe time will pass and Vadim will recover”, - said the young wife of the performer.

Olga explained that after all the showdowns, she began to divide her husband into two people. "The one with whom I lived all these years, and the one I see now. About that good Vadim, I have a good bright memory, warm memories. And for today's Vadim I do not feel any feelings, because I just do not know this All that overwhelms me today is complete bewilderment. I can say for sure that I will never forgive him for what he did. He is an absolutely stranger to me, "Olga said.

She expressed hope that she would soon close all court cases. "Although they hint to me that nothing is over yet. Recently, he gives interviews in which little of the truth remains, saying, for example, that he has only a couple of lawsuits against me, although you just have to go to the Moscow City Court website and make sure of the opposite. ", - said the singer's wife. Olga lives for today, but does not think about the future.

"In this whole story, it is not so much the characters that are important as the fact that any man can do this behind the back of his pregnant woman - go and recognize the marriage as fictitious, spitting on the law, moral and ethical standards and the unborn child," Olga Kazachenko quotes

We will remind, the scandal erupted in 2016, when Kazachenko left his pregnant wife Olga. In the studio of Andrei Malakhov's program "Let them talk," she said that the singer kicked her out of the house when she was seven months pregnant. The public reacted vividly to the confession of Olga, who was 35 years old without a spouse and housing and with a child under her heart. The case became resonant - Vadim was hunted down on the Internet by indignant Russians. The situation was aggravated by the fact that Kazachenko married again in April 2017. This time on a woman close to his age. The singer's choice was his faithful friend, director and producer Irina Amanti. However, soon the court declared this marriage invalid.

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