There Will Be No Sex: 5 Reasons Why A Woman Refuses Intimacy

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There Will Be No Sex: 5 Reasons Why A Woman Refuses Intimacy
There Will Be No Sex: 5 Reasons Why A Woman Refuses Intimacy

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Anonim will tell you why your beloved is not always ready to share the bed with you.


Despite the relative availability of sex, not every man can win a woman's favor. And often the point is only in how a man is trying to get sex. We decided to tell you about the five worst ways to offer a woman intimacy.

He wakes up a woman in the middle of the night

It’s no secret that a woman’s attitude is important before she allows a man to please herself. It's no worse if a sweetly sleeping woman is pulled out of a deep sleep, which, for a second, in a big city is a real rarity, and persistently persuaded to intimacy. In addition to irritation, this passionate impulse on the part of a man will not cause anything else.

A man brags nonstop

Of course, women are attracted to confident men, but you shouldn't confuse her with arrogance. A man can be the best employee of the month, a champion in drafts, but the constant imposition of his merits on a woman, again, will not lead to anything other than irritation, in this case there will be no question of intimacy. Do not do it this way!

He directly suggests: "Let's have sex."

Another way to plunge a woman into discouragement is to directly state your intentions. No matter how close you are, any girl in her heart longs for unexpected surprises from her man, so instead of declaring his momentary desire to drag her into bed, a man should veil a tempting offer, for example, calling his beloved for a sudden date with a pleasant continuation.

He says that other women turn him on

You sat together beautifully, watched your favorite movie with Margot Robbie, and then the man declares that he does not mind spending a couple of hours alone with you. It will not be pleasant for any woman to hear that her man is turned on by another, albeit a screen beauty, and not herself. For the next couple of days, or even a week, a man will have to forget about sex.

It is not original

Banality is the enemy of sex. Luxurious bouquets, a bed strewn with rose petals and a bath with champagne will cause boredom rather than an acute desire to throw yourself into the arms of the "instigator" of the surprise. Men, do not be afraid to show your imagination - a woman will definitely appreciate that you did not follow the "beaten track".

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