I'm Not Guilty: Is It Worth Forgiving Male Infidelity

I'm Not Guilty: Is It Worth Forgiving Male Infidelity
I'm Not Guilty: Is It Worth Forgiving Male Infidelity

Video: I'm Not Guilty: Is It Worth Forgiving Male Infidelity

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Anna Pletneva spoke about youthful maximalism and the reaction to infidelity, and we will try to figure out in which cases the relationship needs to be broken

Anna Pletneva was never afraid of frankness on stage, although she receives many negative reviews regarding her performances: many viewers are embarrassed by the artist's excessive emancipation. Anna herself urged ill-wishers to look deeper and not judge by what people see on stage, after all, this is just an image.

The singer also shared her views on sex in general. The artist said that in her youth she was a maximalist and advised all her friends not to forgive the betrayal of loved ones, but now the girl is sure that everything depends on the specific situation, and “burning bridges” is wrong.

We decided to figure out how to relate to treason, and whether it is worth forgiving.

Probably the hardest part is to forgive. Even if a woman decides to take such a step and continues to live with a man who betrayed her at least once, she will constantly be tormented by doubts, and not whether it will happen again. Recovering trust is much more difficult than just forgiving.

When is it worth giving a man a second chance?

If you do decide to forgive a man, there is a risk of losing his trust: it will seem to him that you will forgive anything. Therefore, before continuing a relationship with this man, think about how weighty your reasons are.

Important reasons can be considered the presence of children and any dependence on a partner. If a woman falls under one of these points, and still decides to keep the family, it is worth discussing some points, for example, you can make a list of the negative qualities of a partner and ask him to do the same, after which you should sit down together and discuss how to do this. so that each of you is comfortable in life together after what happened, and how your partner sees the development of future relationships.

When to say a firm no

It is important to understand that an inveterate cheater is unlikely to ever change, so there is definitely no need to harbor illusions about him - you just need to break all contacts.

The man does not feel guilty towards you. If your partner does not admit his guilt and blames you for what happened, be sure that you will have to face lies in this relationship more than once.

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