All Men Are Goats. Or The Degradation Of Family Happiness

All Men Are Goats. Or The Degradation Of Family Happiness
All Men Are Goats. Or The Degradation Of Family Happiness

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Russkaya Planeta and Radio Radonezh continue the series of publications of the Russian Orthodox view on world ups and downs and events. At the center of events is the problem of feminism in modern society.


March 8 was accompanied not only by traditional congratulations to beautiful ladies, but also by attempts to return to the revolutionary foundations of this holiday - they say, March 8 is not about beautiful ladies, lovely and feminine, but about the struggle of oppressed women for their rights.

Indeed, already in the late USSR, March 8 lost its revolutionary fervor, and turned into a “mother’s holiday”, when it was customary to honor mothers and thank them for the labors and sacrifices they raise by bearing, feeding and raising children. Even today, when much more emphasis is placed on the cult of the "beautiful lady" rather than the mother, March 8 turns out to be almost a stronghold of sound conservatism - this is the day on which we declare that there is a difference between men and women, women should be feminine, and men masculine, which is good and wonderful.

People who want to return the holiday to its revolutionary meaning, however, are unhappy - and would like to see March 8 as the day of militant feminism. Feminism itself is diverse as a phenomenon, and it would be wrong to make all-encompassing generalizations. Of course, women - by virtue of the obvious fact that they are different from men - may have their own specific problems and interests - and, of course, they can assert about them.

But what is more striking is the phenomenon that could be called "toxic feminism" - the emotional and rhetorical background of which is well described by the eternal phrase "all men are goats." As, for example, RT editor-in-chief Maria Baronova writes:

“It was not the People who staged so many wars, the Holocaust and the Gulag, but Men. Not People are so monstrous, but Men. I naively thought that all people are brothers, and so, we all have to build a wonderful bright future, until I realized that only People are about a bright future: that is, the majority of Women and those rare Men who became People. The rest only know how to take away this future … You need to be kind to men in business, but you also need to understand that if you are not always on the lookout, it will be very, very bad … do not think that there is any other way besides the iron word and direct strict instructions to make people those whom we love so much and whom we care so much, and who, in response to our care, does so much evil, if we allow ourselves to be at least weak in something."

These intonations are constant and typical enough - men are exploiters and rapists, and feminism is a cry of outrage at the entire male oppressive class. What can be said about this? That we live in a fallen world, full of evil, deceit and cruelty - men towards women, towards other men, women towards other women and towards men. A scoundrel who abandons his wife, abandons her for another woman - and the lover does not worry at all about the grief that she inflicts on her sister on the floor. Powerful empires - Russian, British, Austrian - were ruled by women, some were successful, some were not, but this did not radically change anything. Empires fought devastating wars, squeezed taxes out of the population, and ruthlessly suppressed rebellions - just as they did under male emperors.

And alas, there are plenty of examples of direct criminal cruelty of women towards other women. We all belong to the same fallen human race.

But I would like to draw attention to something else - such a view of the world is not simply incorrect in essence. It is now said to be toxic.It is not just a reaction to unhappiness - it multiplies that unhappiness.

There are two obvious mistakes that can seriously ruin your life. This is unreasonable gullibility and even more unreasoning distrust. On the path of life, you may meet dangerous scoundrels; moreover, especially dangerous bastards can initially make the most favorable impression - there is even such a term, "psychopathic charm"

In addition to people who are directly dangerous, there are also character defects that are not physically threatening - but very upsetting, such as laziness, licentiousness or irresponsibility.

It is important to exercise caution and discretion when entering into professional, friendly or, even more so, personal relationships with people. Carelessness can bring you a lot of grief.

But the belief that everyone (or most) of those around you are bad and dangerous people will bring you even more trouble. In reality, most men are by no means rapists, just like most women are not greedy manipulators or slanderers at all. With most people, you can build business, friendships and personal relationships, proceeding from the fact that they are ordinary people with their own shortcomings, and not poisonous bastards, and with good will, you can get along with them.

A man convinced that "women only need one thing - money" will have a predictably miserable personal life, especially if he is modest with money. Moreover, it will not be the "women" as such that are to blame for this - but his, as they say now, a toxic view of relations between people. Moreover, such views will have the power of a self-fulfilling prophecy - it is impossible to build relationships of closeness and trust with other people if you do not believe in the possibility of such relationships from the very beginning. It is all the more impossible to build such relationships with people if you hate and despise them.

A woman convinced that all men are dangerous scoundrels who are only looking for how to abuse and exploit her will have predictable - precisely because of this perception - relationship problems. The belief that all men are scoundrels and rapists will prevent her from building relationships with men who are not rapists at all, and the likelihood of falling into unhealthy relationships for her will greatly increase.

Belief in the possibility of closeness, trust, fidelity, mutual devotion and care - in short, family happiness - is certainly not a sufficient condition for this happiness to be found. But it is a necessary condition. Believing love, dedication and loyalty as a cover for exploitation, you will definitely not gain marital happiness.

Toxic feminism is a reaction to painful experiences with unworthy men - and inevitably reproduces this experience, creating a downward spiral - as, indeed, in the case of a man who is convinced of female deceit from the very beginning, and who is doomed to accumulate experiences that will only assert him in that opinion.

In reality, all people - men and women - are sinful, and some of them are even dangerous psychopaths. But this does not mean that there cannot be love, and fidelity, and devotion between a man and a woman in the world - you just need to believe in it and create it. It is not an easy feat, but worth it.

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