Key Mistakes Men Make In Sex

Key Mistakes Men Make In Sex
Key Mistakes Men Make In Sex

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Experts are sure that for good sex, only desire is not enough, but knowledge is also needed, as well as special preparation. To have a successful intercourse, you should not repeat a few major mistakes. Excessive passion for orgasm Many people consider orgasm to be the pinnacle of sex and its key criterion, but this is by no means always the case. Experts urge you not to focus on orgasm and stop criticizing your actions. It is important to remember that a certain percentage of women are not able to experience orgasm at all, only this means that they are unpleasant about the very process of sexual intercourse. Little foreplay All people can get turned on in different ways and the length of foreplay can fluctuate too. Experts point out that some women do not achieve vaginal orgasm at all, so the opinion that penetration brings the female orgasm closer is quite wrong. Experts advise to reach the peak of arousal with the help of foreplay, which should last at least 20 minutes. This will help to loosen up and promote the natural stretching of the vagina.

Three-day stubble Although some women love the look of male stubble, it can be painful to touch the skin. Especially touching in the genital area can cause a rash and microcracks in a lady, and during the use of lubricant, an intimate place can begin to burn. Little romance Often, with age, men forget to appreciate casual relationships and they lack romance in sex. This problem can be solved by having a frank conversation with your partner, with whom you can discuss this issue. Communication difficulties During sex, as in the ordinary life of a couple, communication plays a significant role, because without it it is very problematic to achieve specificity. Instead of hinting, experts advise to speak openly about desires or intentions, as well as give advice during intercourse. Without preparation Very often, the necessary things are not at hand at the most crucial moment. In order not to spoil sex, experts recommend preparing in advance all the necessary items, for example, condoms, and leaving them near the scene. General rules

Often, men use a single sequence in sex, hoping for 100 percent satisfaction of a woman, without trying to find a special approach to each. Experts note that you should not use the poses that the previous girl liked, with a new passion, if she was not discussed in advance, and the posture seen from porn does not always fit in reality. Too serious It is often forgotten that sex should be considered a pleasant pastime and that it is important to relax during the process. Experts urge not to think in the process of intimacy with a partner and take care of mutual pleasure.

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