Tough Love: Bodybuilder Claims She's Better In Bed Than Skinny Girls

Tough Love: Bodybuilder Claims She's Better In Bed Than Skinny Girls
Tough Love: Bodybuilder Claims She's Better In Bed Than Skinny Girls

Video: Tough Love: Bodybuilder Claims She's Better In Bed Than Skinny Girls

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Women who are involved in bodybuilding often face criticism. Many consider them masculine, too muscular and unattractive. Professional bodybuilder Kelly Day denies all of these remarks and claims that most men go crazy over a strong female body. She says that athletes are capable of much more in bed than skinny girls.


Find out what Kelly makes for female bodybuilding in our resource.

Kelly Day is a professional bodybuilder. She gets date invitations every day from men of all ages, including guys half her age. Her photos on Instagram collect hundreds of likes, but there are also negative comments with the words: "You are too muscular" or "You are unfeminine." Kelly ignores such comments because she is confident in her great shape.

At parties, when a hottie gets up in heels and puts on a tight top, men often admire her sculpted calves and muscular arms. They ask the athlete about the training regimen, and some even offer to wrestle on the hands.

Kelly doesn't have a boyfriend at the moment, but previous guys have admired her curves and said that her muscles turn them on. Miss Day's sex is always at its best, not only because she is strong and resilient, but also because she is always confident in herself and does not have complexes.

There are more and more girls like Kelly. On Instagram, photos of women with sculpted bodies showing off their biceps with the hashtags #StrongNotSkinny and #GirlsThatLift are everywhere. They are sexy and they know it. Girls are empowering by building a strong body. Society is used to treating women as weak creatures, and bodybuilding offers the opposite concept, where ladies demonstrate what they really are capable of.

Twenty years ago, female bodybuilders looked more masculine. Modern athletes are very attractive in appearance and take care not only to ensure that the body is flawless, but pay a lot of attention to hair and makeup. Nowadays there are more women than men on stage in competitions, but many guys come to see shows in which muscular girls compete.

Kelly's motto is to be strong, not skinny, because many men love strong women.

Bodybuilding competition is not just a bikini show in heels. To create the perfect body, you need to work continuously and hard. Kelly does strength training 5-6 times a week, and the better her form, the more motivation she gets to move forward.

The athlete has been participating in competitions for three years, and in the first competitive year alone she won three victories. In 2018, she traveled to Italy to represent the UK at the World Amateur Bodybuilding Association (WABBA) Championships. Kelly says that if you devote yourself to this sport and get imbued with its idea, then not only the body, but also the mind will be strong and stable.

However, the bodybuilder says dating a female athlete is not easy. She seriously prepares for competitions and can give up entertainment for months - not go to nightclubs and parties. Kelly does not drink alcohol, trains 5-6 times a week for an hour and adheres to a strict diet.

The bodybuilder's diet consists of eggs, chicken, Jerusalem artichoke and broccoli. A woman eats six times a day, and if she leaves the house somewhere, be sure to take food with her. She eats about four chicken breasts a day and weighs each serving carefully.Even when dining with children in a cafe, a woman weighs the dishes, bringing with her a small kitchen scale.

It is difficult for men to accept all this, because the girl has to be quite selfish, following a strict regime. Guys and friends often don't understand why she doesn't want to go to a party or have a delicious dinner and drink in a restaurant. Because of this, bodybuilders are often left alone. But Kelly is not discouraged and believes that her happiness lies ahead. Bodybuilding can be feminine and sexy, and she never tires of proving it.

Leslie Maxwell, 63, also spends most of her free time at the gym. This helps her to always be in great shape and win the hearts of her men for decades younger.

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