Trail Of Garbage Life Circumstances: Dana Borisova Made Friends With Vitalina

Trail Of Garbage Life Circumstances: Dana Borisova Made Friends With Vitalina
Trail Of Garbage Life Circumstances: Dana Borisova Made Friends With Vitalina

Video: Trail Of Garbage Life Circumstances: Dana Borisova Made Friends With Vitalina

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After the scandalous divorce from Armen Dzhigarkhanyan, Vitalina Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya became almost persona non grata in a secular get-together. Celebrities try to stay away from her. One of the few who supports Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya turned out to be Dana Borisova. In an interview with, the blonde admitted that she was happy to have such a friend and was even going to take a walk at her wedding.


“We made friends with Vitalina on the set of some TV show,” says Dana. - We talked nicely, then subscribed to each other on social networks. Now let's talk on the phone, write off. I am happy to have such a friend.

The scandalous train of Vitalina Borisova does not scare. Dana assures: she saw a kindred spirit in Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya.

Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya demands a million rubles from Dzhigarkhanyan

“We are actually very similar,” Dana admits. - Each of us has a trail of garbage life circumstances. I have drugs, an escort, rehabilitation … She has Dzhigarkhanyan and not very high relations with Prokhor. But I am attracted by the fact that Vitalina, like me, under all difficult life circumstances, did not lose her purity of soul and tenderness! Her smile is amazing! And what wonderful shapes! We recently wrote off, I asked her: "How much do you weigh?" It turned out to be 55 kilograms. And my weight is 52 kg. But it seems to me that visually she looks slimmer than me. "No, you are a little girl too!" - Vitalina encouraged me.

By the way

"I have already passed anorexia!"

Dana Borisova is proud that at 44 she is in great shape. The star is sure: she keeps weight under control thanks to moderate nutrition. Borisova is not satisfied with the holidays of the belly!

- Now I weigh 51.7 - a maximum of 52 kilograms, - says Borisova. - But I'm not afraid of anorexia. At one time, I had the worst eating disorder. I was constantly trying to lose weight! I do not hide the fact that drugs also came into my life as a means for losing weight. I was always unhappy with my weight. Although at that moment weighed only 49 kilograms. I'm fine now. I don't follow any diets, but I eat in moderation. Plus, I got a good job in rehabilitation. Plus, I am under constant outpatient monitoring by my doctor. So at this point in time I am stable.

It is similar to Vitalina Borisova in that she does not have a permanent relationship. But the woman does not lose her optimism. She believes that she will definitely meet her man. As well as Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya.

Dana Borisova spat in Kravets's face: "It's a sin not to take advantage of your husband"

- I am sure that Vitalina and I will definitely be happy, - Dana continues. - What kind of man does she need? Certainly not as old as Dzhigarkhanyan! And definitely not the same as Prokhor! I have a good attitude to Chaliapin. But he loves himself too much! This is manifested in his entire image, in every utterance, in every movement. With a man like Chaliapin, no woman, including Vitalina, can be happy! After all, he is constantly admiring himself, and the girl does not give anything: neither warmth, nor attention! It's good that they broke up with Vitalina. She needs a young businessman under thirty to carry her in her arms, give her bouquets every morning. She deserves such a man like no one else!

- Do you think that businessmen are afraid to communicate with her: God forbid, she will also deprive her of property, like Dzhigarkhanyan? - I ask Dana.

- If a man is interested in Vitalina's freshness, naivety, then everything will be fine. When they get to know Vitalina better, they will understand that she will not rob anyone! She is a very decent girl and a decent person!

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