In What Ways Do Women Mark Territory

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In What Ways Do Women Mark Territory
In What Ways Do Women Mark Territory

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Everyone knows that animals and birds mark and protect their territory, because it feeds them, offspring is born on this land, and all this is very important. But it turns out that a person also marks his space and property, although not very clearly. Such behavior is also associated with the process of obtaining life benefits and providing children, therefore, it was women who were noticed by scientists for such a completely deliberate occupation.

This dwelling is mine

One of the pioneers in the study of human spatial needs, American anthropologist and cross-cultural researcher Edward Twitchell Hall, back in the early 1960s, drew attention to how women from different economic backgrounds behave in a particular circle of male personal space.

In those years, although women in American society were already working, good material wealth still depended exclusively on men. Ladies, starting a serious relationship with gentlemen, and finding themselves even for one night in his home, sought to leave traces of their stay in it. And it was not only long hairs dropped on the floor or lipstick supposedly accidentally forgotten on the shelf in the bathroom.

Women deliberately left an earring or a ring in inconspicuous places of the dwelling, and even contrived to hide among the furniture brought cloth ribbons dipped in their perfume.

All this was supposed to not only remind the gentleman of their owner and again appoint her a date, but also force a potential competitor who found these "marks" on male territory to abandon their claims.

This car is mine

Despite the massive emancipation, in modern Western society there are still rules for female "marks" of property and territories. This is confirmed by studies by Canadian scientists from the University of Western Ontario and the University of Toronto Mississauga, published in the Journal of Personal and Social Psychology.

Canadian researchers talked about the amazing pattern of littering the most expensive cars. The more expensive the brands of "steel horses" run by wealthy gentlemen, the "dirtier" the glove compartments and other numerous containers and pockets of these cars turn out to be. With perfect cleanliness of the salons themselves, in their hidden corners hidden from the eyes all the time there are details of lingerie, decorative cosmetics and personal hygiene items.

In particular, the magazine cited an example of how in a luxury car of one successful and unmarried New York stockbroker, his colleagues always found an apple core stained with bright lipstick in a door pocket. And each time it was clear to them that this was not an old, rotten residue, but quite recently quite fresh fruit. And it is specially put into this car every day, despite the fact that the owner of the "steel horse" did not particularly like apples.

This man is mine

In the Russian society, where the presence of material wealth means practically survival, and emancipation in general in most of the country is considered a dirty word, women mark male territory and property - men themselves everywhere. One of the representatives of the Russian Psychological Society on the official website of the professional corporation of psychologists told his colleagues about a meeting with one of his former patients.

The lady told him that after a course of psychotherapy, she finally got married and now in every possible way protects her husband from the appearance of possible mistresses, fearing that he will be "taken away." When asked how she “guards” her husband, the woman told that she was doing it in the most innocent way. First of all, before he leaves for work, she leaves traces of her lipstick on the collar of his shirt.

She also iron his jeans with an iron before leaving the house.

Only married men, about whom their spouses are very worried, wear ironed jeans, all other people, without paying attention to this, go in those that they got out of drying after washing. But every unmarried woman, evaluating a potential partner, instantly reads the condition of his clothes and the presence of ironed jeans should tell her that this gentleman is busy. And whether or not a ring is worn on his ring finger does not matter today. In any case, this is how the young Russian woman explained her actions to her former psychologist.

It is worth noting that men also mark their territory, only not for women, but for their own - this can be expressed, for example, in spreading socks.

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