Seventh Heaven: Things Men Want In Bed

Seventh Heaven: Things Men Want In Bed
Seventh Heaven: Things Men Want In Bed

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The tips below will help women seduce men in bed in ways that are most pleasing to them.

New maneuvers

For the overwhelming majority of men, experimentation in bed actually acts as a stimulant. This method will help to whet the appetite for sex, because it is like food - the monotony over time makes you bored. Every guy wants to see a companion in bed with whom you can periodically experiment.


Women aren't the only ones who love compliments about their looks. Experts recommend at least occasionally talking about the merits of your man in order to increase his self-esteem and improve relationships in general. You can use flattering words about his appearance, movements and jokes, as well as intellectual abilities.

Sexual fantasies

Every man, according to the assurances of sexologists, dreams that his partner was easy-going, and could embody the most cherished sexual fantasies. The main thing in this is to have a trusting relationship and not go too far, as well as be able to find a compromise in the tasks set.


To make the enchanting sex memorable, ladies can choose a special outfit for such an occasion, and slowly undress in front of their partner, or give the latter the opportunity to "unpack" his "gift" on his own. The fact is that guys love to treat their beloved woman, and in this case, you do not need to skimp on beautiful lacy lingerie.


Psychologists say that spontaneity is the ideal fuel for libido, so you can safely arrange sexual surprises for a man. New discoveries in sex will sharpen the pleasant sensations, and this can be done by choosing a non-standard place or in an unusual situation.

Light in the room

Having sex in the light of a room can be very arousing for a man and can also awaken trust in a partner. Psychologists believe that the stronger sex likes to consider the beauty of a woman. It is not necessary to turn on all the lights in the house, but you can simply light a few candles or turn on the screen on your laptop.


Men love girls who can be proactive in bed, provoking sex on their own. The fact is that guys are turned on by ladies who openly show that they are interested in intercourse with them. However, with this it is important not to overdo it, and not to switch to total control in sex, because this turns on only a few.


If the couple has been together for a long time, they have several positions in which the beloved are most pleased to have sex for both. This practice leads to the fact that over time, sexual intercourse becomes somewhat boring, and to prevent this, you need to move. You should not hesitate to look for new positions in sex or direct your partner at some points.

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