What Men Are Silent About: 8 Things You Are Afraid To Admit To Yourself

What Men Are Silent About: 8 Things You Are Afraid To Admit To Yourself
What Men Are Silent About: 8 Things You Are Afraid To Admit To Yourself

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The author of Playboy explored the main male problems that are usually kept silent about.


And together with Evgeny Leshunov, coordinator of the Association of Gender Medicine Specialists, urologist-andrologist and plastic surgeon, he talks about ways to solve them.

Make yourself comfortable, we begin.

1. I cum too quickly

From the point of view of Russian medicine, sexual intercourse should last at least 2 minutes 10 seconds. Anything less is considered premature ejaculation. In the European classification, it is a little different: the inability to prevent an orgasm is considered a problem (that is, I finished not because I wanted to, but because I could not resist), regardless of the duration of the contact.

If your amorous pleasures occur under the motto "put it, finished and went", you should think about the problem of premature ejaculation. The reasons can be very diverse: from psychological problems to testosterone deficiency.

To try to prolong intercourse, try experimenting:

- buy thicker condoms;

- use a special prolonging lubricant from a sex shop with an anesthetic effect (yes, there is one!).

2. I shouldn't

The diagnosis of "erectile dysfunction" is made only when a man is unable to maintain an erection in more than 25% of the intercourse that he attempts to perform.

The reasons for this can be very different, so we definitely do not recommend self-medication. If you really do not need to regularly, do not postpone, make an appointment with an andrologist, urologist or endocrinologist.

3. My boy - with a finger

You will be surprised, but a small penis has a lot of advantages!

Firstly, with such a "friend" it is much easier to give anal sex and blowjob.

Secondly, the girl's most sensitive places are at a depth of 4-7 cm from the entrance to the vagina and their big penis most often slips. But the owner of a small dignity has a good chance (with the correct posture) to bring the girl to orgasm by stimulating her G-spot.

So get rid of the complexes, the girls are excited not by the size of your warhead, but by how much you are preoccupied with female pleasure!

4. I do not give up the hope to enlarge the penis

Penile enlargement surgeries are gaining popularity every year. But, as a rule, with the help of them, the length of the penis can be increased by only 1-2 centimeters.

Alternatively, you can use toys from a sex shop. Special attachments for the penis can add at least 3 extra centimeters to your dignity.

Besides, you've probably heard about the "penis enhancer" - the extender. It acts on the principle of the Ilizarov apparatus - causing a constant slow stretching of the tunica albuginea of ​​the penis, which regulates the length, thickness, and even the presence (or absence) of curvature.

The main principle here is do no harm!

The main principle here is do no harm. Do not force this delicate process and learn to be content with little, for extensibility is an individual thing. Using the extender thoughtlessly, you run the risk of injury: rupture of the shell or curvature of the penis.

Another fearless way to fulfill the golden dream of a bigger penis is a vacuum pump (or, in other words, an LOD therapy apparatus). Originally a medical device that improves blood flow and extensibility of the cavernous (cavernous) bodies of the penis.

Use the pump strictly in accordance with the instructions (no longer than 8-10 minutes), since the generated pressure disrupts the outflow of blood from the penis, and the benefits easily turn to harm.

5. My penis is too big

A big dick, contrary to popular belief, is not a guarantee of good sex! And for the owners of very great advantages, sexual intercourse can even turn into a series of disappointments.

As a rule, women are afraid of sex with the owners of large members, and if the girl nevertheless decided on this, the pain during intercourse can reduce her arousal, and therefore the quality of sex for both.

Big dick is not a guarantee of good sex

If your penis is more than 18 cm in length, our tips can help you.

First, when excited, the vagina becomes unusually flexible and is able to stretch in response to pressure, not only in width but also in length. Therefore, we strongly advise the owners of great advantages to spend more time on foreplay and stimulating the girl's erogenous zones.

Secondly, not neglecting large amounts of lubricant, in the absence of strong arousal or a lack of natural secretions, this will help make penetration less painful.

In addition, special restrictive rings for the penis made of silicone can help you out, which do not allow you to penetrate too deeply into the girl (these are sold in any sex shop). Also, any erection ring is suitable for this purpose - it is enough to put the device not on the base of the penis, but a few centimeters further.

6. Afraid to try prostate stimulation

But in vain! Prostate massage is not only a medically useful thing (relieves so-called prostate stasis - stagnation of blood and secretions in the prostate), but also an ideal combination of intimacy with a partner.

Scientific fact: Prostate stimulation can cause orgasm-like sensations!

Orgasmic sensations are associated with the neurovascular network of the prostate and bioactive substances that the cells of the prostate gland produce (among them, for example, serotonin). Bottom line: such orgasms will be much brighter emotionally.

In addition, doctors advise prostate stimulation for men who spend most of their time in a sitting position. You can start getting to know the stimulants of this delicate zone with the use of special sex toys and massagers.

7. I don't want to be a man

In the Middle Ages, the problem of transgender people was solved in a simple way - at the stake. Fortunately, we live in a civilized society, where people in this position, although not everyone is understood and accepted, still have a chance (although not in all countries so far) to live a full life.

The main thing to remember is that being trans is not a disease. From the American list of mental disorders, "gender identity disorder" (that is, just transgender) was excluded in 2013. Later it was replaced by “gender dysphoria” - a state of stress and depression caused by isolation, fear, rejection of transgender by the person himself or his environment.

The scientific community now believes that transgenderness is an innate trait, that is, it depends on genetics, the environment and hormonal balance.

8. I consider myself not beautiful enough

Men often go under the surgeon's knife for purely aesthetic reasons. Rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty and liposuction occupy the leading positions in the list of male plastic surgeries. Moreover, surgeons can turn the fat of a beer belly into six cubes of abs, which lazy liars brazenly use.

There are 20% of men who return this piece of skin to its rightful place!

Further on the list - operations directly on the genital organ. And the reason for this is not always congenital pathologies or the need for prosthetics. Often men are embarrassed by curvatures or even moles on their penis. In addition, do not forget about such a popular procedure as circumcision. For religious, aesthetic or physiological reasons, a good half of the male population can boast of the absence of a foreskin.

It is curious that there are 20% of men in the world who decided to return this piece of skin to its rightful place!

Finally, Dr. Leshunov and I want to say: you should not avoid an andrologist, sexologist, psychologist or any other specialist if you need help in the sexual sphere.

Remember, modern medicine has the answers to most male skeletons in the closet. Your manhood will suffer much more if you do not dare to "get out of the gloom" and reach the right doctor.

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