To Understand And To Forgive. How Female Logic Differs From Male Logic

To Understand And To Forgive. How Female Logic Differs From Male Logic
To Understand And To Forgive. How Female Logic Differs From Male Logic

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To understand and to forgive. How feminine logic differs from masculine logic Recently, American scientists stated that the female brain is better than the male. At the very least, he ages noticeably more slowly, and the weaker sex can remain sane for much longer.


True, some skeptics believe that this does not matter, since women rarely use their brains anyway. At least, judging by the female logic, which demonstrates the lack of the ability of the weaker sex to think rationally.

So what exactly is female logic and is it evidence of stupidity? On the eve of March 8, we decided to figure it out with the help of a psychologist.

The mind of the heart

There are many anecdotes about women's logic. If you believe them, then women for the most part absolutely do not understand technology, rarely listen to the voice of reason, but they are able to make an elephant out of a fly and distort the meaning of what was said.

So, for example, most of the fairer sex find it difficult to understand how this or that device works, how it turns on and why it works. It is no coincidence that there are several times less female drivers who understand the device of a car than men.

Any insignificant problem in the female consciousness can grow to universal proportions.

- How many cases have been when a woman calls - "save", "help". You think - that's it, a nightmare, the collapse of the world, it seems that an atomic war has already begun. You come running, and there is nonsense, - says the business coach of the center for psychological support for business and family "5 YES!" Dmitry Seinov. - I once read that a woman has a memory like a fish, - a minute has passed, and again "hello." That is, a woman is like a fish, momentary. For her, any problem that exists at the moment seems to be the most serious. Even if she, by and large, does not deserve such attention, but the woman concentrates on her, and the problem takes on an incredible scale.

The fault, according to experts, is the emotional perception of the world, which is characteristic of the majority of the fairer sex.

Logic itself is the ability to make a decision, the ability to reason correctly, solving various problems, and draw the right conclusions. That is, analyzing a chain of facts is akin to what Sherlock Holmes did.

Women, as being more emotional, usually analyze not facts, but feelings and feelings. Women's logic is not based on facts. Women's arguments are usually casual and spontaneous.

- In other words, male logic is based on thought, and female logic is based on emotions. That is, when solving problems and tasks, men, relatively speaking, turn on their heads, and women turn on their hearts, says Dmitry Seinov. - In women, intuitive perception prevails.

It is because of this perception that many of the fairer sex tend to see a double meaning in words, drawing conclusions from them that are inaccessible to the male mind. Well, for example, a husband says to his wife: "Today is delicious borscht." She immediately concludes: “So yesterday it was tasteless? So you don't like how I cook? " And now the scandal is ready. Moreover, according to the man, completely from scratch.

- It's just that a woman intuitively feels the existence of some kind of problems in a relationship. She still does not fully understand what these problems are and what is their cause. But on an intuitive level, something does not suit her. And then she subconsciously begins to look for a reason to quarrel, that is, logical confirmation of her illogical conclusions, - explains Dmitry Seinov.

It is this peculiarity of female logic that gave rise to the myth of the stupidity of the fairer sex. In fact, this is not at all the case. It's just that men, as experts say, are accustomed to acting rationally.In addition, they are taught from childhood to keep emotions in themselves. And for women, on the contrary, emotions always come first. But this does not prevent many of them from being considered smart.

Useful product

To begin with, female logic is very useful in matters of interaction with people.

- Women have a very developed intuition, they feel a person better. She didn't like him - that's all. She can't even explain clearly why, but she firmly knows that she must stay away from him. And then it turns out that there really were some non-verbal signals - for example, the insincerity of this person.From a business point of view, women are good at selecting partners, employees, says Dmitry Seinov. - And it is no coincidence that in most reputable firms and enterprises it is women who are engaged in this, since in addition to the professional qualities of the future employee, human - psychological compatibility in the team is also very important. And women can easily grasp that this candidate for the position is a good specialist, but not a very good person.

True, then the question arises why women, with this ability to select partners for business, in their personal lives so often get caught up in stories with completely hopeless men, with whom it is not worth getting involved. Often their logic here for some reason does not help them.

But, as experts explain, in the matter of choosing a partner for life, no logic matters - neither female nor male.

The choice of a partner is usually influenced by a number of factors that, from a logical point of view, sometimes seem completely absurd. So, for example, if a girl had a drinking dad, then she, most likely, will connect her fate with the same drinking man. No matter how angry she was with her drunk daddy as a child.

The daughter of an emotionally cold father, whose attention and warmth she had to achieve with a fight, in adulthood will be carried away by the same men.

And all because, firstly, in childhood we unconsciously perceive the model of the parental family and then subconsciously try to recreate it in adulthood.

Secondly, children who from an early age live in a situation of psychological discomfort - with a drinking dad, a hysterical mother, etc., subconsciously strive to recreate this situation of discomfort in adulthood.

And, thirdly, the inferiority complex, which is again cultivated in childhood, is also an important reason why people associate their lives with vicious chosen ones.

Clever fools

Well, then, a woman's ability to think rationally and make decisions is also not evidence of her mind.

This male mind manifests itself in the ability to logically analyze and predict some actions or events and make decisions based on some facts.

The female mind, first of all, implies wisdom, the ability to show flexibility in relationships, to compromise.

“An intelligent woman is one who is able to give a man an opportunity for self-realization and raise his self-esteem,” says Dmitry Seinov. - And for this he must feel stronger than a woman. She should not just give in to him, but periodically turn to him for help, and then he will feel that he is needed as a protector, as a getter, as a shoulder to lean on. A truly intelligent woman will never show her superiority over a man, if, of course, he is dear to her.

Mikhail Zhvanetsky has a wonderful expression: "Women can be delightful, what fools and horror what fools." So fools, according to a specialist, usually push through, always try to insist on their own, constantly fight with a man for leadership, criticize him, not giving him the opportunity to believe in himself.

Fools, on the other hand, do not enter into rivalry with a man, they trust him, instilling confidence in their own abilities. This, perhaps, is the main strength of female logic.

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