Psychic About Dmitry Iskhakov: "Yes, He Has A Relationship"

Psychic About Dmitry Iskhakov: "Yes, He Has A Relationship"
Psychic About Dmitry Iskhakov: "Yes, He Has A Relationship"

Video: Psychic About Dmitry Iskhakov: "Yes, He Has A Relationship"

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Saona believes that changes are coming in the personal life of Polina Gagarina.

Dmitry Iskhakov not so long ago broke up with Polina Gagarina. According to media reports, the couple has not yet had time to officially formalize the divorce, but the photographer has already been noticed while walking with another woman. While Dmitry is ironic on his Instagram about the fact that with such fame he will now not be able to register on a dating site unnoticed, they gossip on the Web that the photographer's new darling is in business and is financially very prosperous. Whether Iskhakov really had a new hobby, found out from the psychic and tarot reader Saona.

“Yes, he has a relationship, and he is not going to hide it. I do not see that he will rush straight into the pool and run to the registry office. They are still enjoying each other's company and making plans for joint travels. Polina, by the way, does not show her interest in this story, but she herself is in great stress. She lost even more weight and in her heart is very worried about this, since she herself cannot find an answer to the question of why their marriage failed, "Saona said.

“The cards show that very soon Polina will start a new romance. She will immediately try to show everyone her man. I can note that they will definitely not hide and hide. Journalists, however, will willingly pick up this wave and from time to time in the secular chronicles will exhibit a photo of the couple. Polina with all this will subconsciously provoke the jealousy of the former. This will all work, and her ex-spouse will want her back. However, Polina is not one of those women. She does not know how to forgive, and there is definitely no turning back for her. Not much time will pass, and her ex-husband will greatly regret the divorce, but, as they say, you cannot glue a broken cup,”Saona concluded.

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