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A few simple secrets that can easily diversify your sex life!


Do you think that this is irrelevant for you and your man? - Then you are greatly mistaken. According to statistics, 9 out of 10 men dream of being given a professional erotic massage, in which you can relax every muscle after a hard day, and prolong the prelude before the fireworks of passions. And it is this type of massage that they want to receive from a desired and beloved woman, and not from a sexy master of his craft of one of the special salons.

Dear girls, it's time to be liberated a little and give your man what he secretly dreams of. The feedback will not keep you waiting. The response of your chosen one will delight you with his generosity to affection, spontaneity of impulses and the variety of his desires. According to statistics, 7 out of 10 men are afraid to confess to the end their innermost sexual desires to their chosen one.

Today's article is devoted to 6 rules of high-quality erotic massage. Consider a few simple secrets that can easily diversify your sex life:

1. Create the right environment

An intimate setting provides additional stimulation. Correctly selected aroma candles, twilight, relaxing music can become the first step to the perfect end of the night. Your man should feel that it is important for you to please him. He should not ask for his relaxation. Your task is to give it to him of your own accord. No talking. Full concentration on touch and on the sensations from it.

2. Sharing a bath

Complete relaxation is possible only with spiritual reunification. A good tip is to share a bathroom. This will help relieve fatigue after a hard day and start the first stages of erotic massage. You can wash each other and give each other a foot massage. After taking a bath together, it is not necessary to immediately start doing an erotic massage. You can talk in front of the fireplace with a glass of wine or watch your favorite movie. The main thing is not to rush, but to feel saturation with each other, not only physically, but also mentally.

3. During the massage we do not think about anything

During the massage, a woman transfers all her energy, mood and thoughts through touching to her man. If you are upset, then the man will get this feeling, if you are tense, then he will not be able to relax. During the massage, you become a single vessel and your contents are mixed. Therefore, your task is for the man to be able to relax and only the next step will be to excite him.

4. We undress a man gradually

An important feature of the beginning of any erotic massage is the fact that a man needs to undress gradually, removing an element of clothing from him, it is imperative to take off some part of his clothing. We undress the man and ourselves alternately and in stages. We remove a piece of clothing from him, and then from ourselves. And so on to the desired degree of complete nudity.

5. Massage with your whole body

Erotic massage is an intimate full body massage. Every woman can properly use every corner of her body to convey to her man all her desire. You can use fingers, touch from a full palm, bones on the hands, hair, chest, neck, face, gentle touch of the tummy and elbows. Do not be afraid to do something wrong, because there is no rigid framework for erotic massage, there is only a goal - relaxation, and each woman paves the way to this goal on her own.

6.Feel free to diversify the sensations of touch

The main thing is not afraid to experiment. You can use all sorts of erotic tricks that will help your man to feel the full range of sensations. The most common for erotic massage are: fluff, ribbons from a soft lash, a feather. No hard or cold objects can be used. No rings, bracelets, cold hands. Only gentle touches, always with warm massage oil.

There are places that need to be avoided during the massage: these are the knees, the part under the knee, the area of ​​the heels, and if your man is afraid of tickling, then you also need to treat your feet extremely carefully so as not to change the mood of your beloved before a responsible procedure.

The main thing is to remember that your man should always be full, he should not have a desire to experiment with other women, because you are already the best of any other woman for him.

Make it a tradition in your family to make time for each other weekly. Give your man a hand, foot, back, head, neck massage for a week. Please him with your gentle touch and care. Then you simply will not have time for quarrels, problems and omissions. You will have a pleasant joint activity that will only make your relationship closer and stronger.

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