Lust, Gain, Or Feelings? When Are Zodiac Signs Ready To Start A Romance

Lust, Gain, Or Feelings? When Are Zodiac Signs Ready To Start A Romance
Lust, Gain, Or Feelings? When Are Zodiac Signs Ready To Start A Romance

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Someone rushes into a relationship, only falling in love and losing their head, someone craves worship or runs away from loneliness, and someone expects to solve some of their problems at the expense of an amorous partner. So, today we will tell you in which cases the zodiac signs are ready to start an affair - for great love, for sex, for money, or for some other reason.


Aries (march 21 - april 20)

Aries, of course, dream of great mutual love, but in reality they do well without it and are ready for a relationship if a potential partner causes them an obvious sexual desire, if they have something to talk to him about, if he is quite attractive to them outwardly, if they are comfortable with him. In addition, admiration for some unique abilities, brightness, and just the youth of a counterpart can serve as a reason for the beginning of a novel.

Taurus (april 21 - may 20)

It is important for Taurus that they are psychologically comfortable with the person with whom they are planning an affair. And the presence of this person with a strong material base or at least a great desire to "make money" is essential. In addition, often representatives of this sign are looking not so much for an intimate relationship as for a serious relationship with the prospect of marriage, and therefore the nature of a potential partner, his heredity, thrift, and reputation are taken into account.

Gemini (may 21 - june 21)

For the twins to start a novel, curiosity and a sense of novelty are enough, which they themselves, however, often mistake for falling in love. If the representatives of this sign think that the relationship with some person will be fundamentally different from all previous amorous interactions and will bring something unusual, they do not pass by the opportunity to diversify their existence. Sexual attraction is also important - Gemini wants to experience as many erotic sensations as possible.

Cancer (june 22 - july 22)

Cancers are ready for romance only if they count on a long-term and serious relationship, if they feel that they can trust a potential partner and that love is mutual. They get used to people for so long that, as a rule, they do not exchange for empty intrigues and do not want to let those who are obviously looking for only sex and entertainment. It happens, however, and so that the representatives of this sign mentally choose a suitable party for themselves, begin a romance and already in the process learn to love this person.

To start a novel, Leo does not have to lose his head from love, a slight sympathy and physical attraction, and sometimes just a reluctance to be alone, is quite enough. Another conversation is that they can forgive the quirks of a partner and be less selfish only when they really love, and in other cases he gets the whole burden of their character, since they do not restrain themselves - they are capricious, find fault, require constant proof that are needed.

Virgo (august 23 - september 22)

Virgos do not really believe in love, they are closer to a practical approach to personal life, and therefore they are ready to start an affair when they feel a benefit or see a completely clear perspective in some person. And if men of this sign sometimes still lose their heads, then ladies generally prefer to evaluate potential partners not with their heart, but with their mind, from the position of “what exactly can you give me”. So, before they go for rapprochement, they calculate what benefits this relationship will personally bring them.

Libra (september 23 - october 22)

Libras can start an affair with someone they just like, but only if they understand that this person loves them very much.They need to feel that they are needed, that for their sake someone is ready for exploits and sacrifices, that they will not be in the role of someone who is only allowed to love and be around; they prefer to be the object of worship themselves. However, sometimes they fall in love with someone very talented, and then they no longer care whether their feelings are mutual, the main thing becomes serving a great talent.

Scorpio (october 23 - november 21)

Scorpios often themselves cannot explain why they began a relationship with this or that individual. Sometimes they want to have a victim nearby, on which it is convenient to hone psychological tricks, and sometimes it's all about a banal desire for carnal pleasures; in both cases, feelings play almost the last role. But if representatives of this sign fall in love, then luring them into a novel becomes oh, how difficult it is: fear of an all-consuming dependence on another person turns on.

Sagittarius are always ready for a new romance, it is quite natural for them to be in a relationship, although, as a rule, none of them last forever. The basis for a union can be: friendship with a member of the opposite sex, banal boredom, sexual dissatisfaction, the desire to acquire a new toy, which is so funny to push around. True, the representatives of this sign do not admit this to themselves, preferring to believe that love with a capital letter prompted them to their next romance.

Capricorn (december 22 - january 19)

Capricorns can start a romance in order to make a career, in order to receive some benefits and be socially protected, in order to have a person nearby who, on "official grounds", will satisfy their sexual needs. And at the same time, they are very picky and picky, anyhow they don't let anyone near them, they need confidence that the partner they have chosen is really good in many ways and is able to give them what they are aiming for.

Aquarius (january 20 - february 18)

Aquarians are ready to start an affair only when it seems to them that they really fell in love, but even in this case, they will first exhaust all the nerves of a potential partner to make sure that their heart has made the right choice. They, even having lost their heads, force themselves to conquer, as they are convinced that what they got with difficulty is more appreciated. In addition, it is important for them that the relationship is truly partnership, they are disgusted with "playing with one goal" and, giving themselves, receive nothing in return.

Pisces (February 19 - March 20)

Fish are divided into two categories. The first admit to themselves only those with whom they are head over heels in love, and neither the partner's skills in sex, nor his social and financial position are of any importance; only feelings are important, mainly their own, and sometimes the intellect of the chosen one (chosen one). But the latter can easily start an affair simply because they are tired of being alone or for the sake of the opportunities that open before them amorous relationships with this or that person.

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