Sati Casanova: For My Sake, My Husband Moved From Italy To Russia

Sati Casanova: For My Sake, My Husband Moved From Italy To Russia
Sati Casanova: For My Sake, My Husband Moved From Italy To Russia

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Sati Casanova admitted to now she and her husband are thinking about replenishing the family.


After marriage, singer Sati Casanova disappeared from sight. If earlier she could often be met at social events, now the star spends all her free time with her husband, Italian Stefano Tiozzo.

“My life has changed for the better,” Sati says. - It turns out that there is a person in the world with whom it is better than with himself. For me, this is the main discovery in marriage. But it is too early to talk about changes in my life. Time should pass, at least several years. For my sake, my husband moved from Italy to Russia. He is a hot guy, he loves northern countries. Probably, my turn will come and do the act and move to Italy. But it's too early to talk about it: all my work is in Russia.

For the sake of his beloved, Stefano not only changed his place of residence, but also actively took up textbooks. The Italian is diligently learning Russian and is making great strides in this direction. He already knows a lot of words and almost understands the star spouse.

“At home, my husband and I mostly communicate in English,” Sati continues. - Stefano doesn't know Russian very well yet, but he has a lot of talent. Today he can speak 8-9 languages ​​fluently. So far, he speaks Russian better than he understands. Stefano has already mastered the Moscow metro and even filmed documentaries about the most beautiful stations that can be watched on the Internet. Even the husband goes to the shops alone. He does not have any difficulties.

According to Sati, she regularly pampers her husband with culinary delights that she prepares herself. Only vegetarian dishes are on their table.

“Our queen is buckwheat,” says the singer. - We are both vegetarians. In this regard, I was very lucky: our food addictions coincide. I really haven't cooked borscht for him yet, but I cooked pumpkin soup, lentil soup. He likes!

Not so long ago, a whole village for vegetarians appeared in St. Petersburg. Casanova hopes that a similar settlement will be organized in Moscow. The girl admitted that she would gladly buy herself a house in such a place.

- In St. Petersburg there is an ecovillage: everything is green, beautiful, its own schools, kindergartens, - continues Sati. - If such a settlement appears in the Moscow region, we will be happy to move. I am looking forward to such an event.

In the meantime, the star family is thinking about procreation. 35-year-old Sati has not yet felt the joy of motherhood. Now is the time to replenish the family. The star admitted that this issue is relevant for their couple.

- It's personal, - the star smiles. - We are thinking about this question, but so far we are not planning anything.

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