X-Men Star Surprises Fans With Fake Nipples

X-Men Star Surprises Fans With Fake Nipples
X-Men Star Surprises Fans With Fake Nipples

Video: X-Men Star Surprises Fans With Fake Nipples

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Olivia Munn chose a very unfortunate image for the walk.


The 37-year-old actress is famous for her fashionable looks. She can change five outfits per day, and they will all fit perfectly on the star. But mistakes happen to everyone. So Olivia Munn on the streets of New York showed an image that is better not to repeat. The short top, firstly, did not support the actress's chest at all. And secondly, it was cut in such a way that "false nipples" formed on Olivia's chest. But it didn't look erotic, but just sloppy.

By the way, many stars use real false nipples. However, mostly foreign ones. But of ours, only Alena Vodonaeva decided to do this. But anti-fans so pecked the girl for this that the presenter did not dare to repeat such an experience anymore.

Well, Mann, meanwhile, made another mistake. And again because of the unfortunate top! An open belly with her figure is not the best fashionable solution. The not too elastic tummy of the actress became visible to everyone. Moreover, a tight trouser belt and a top elastic would have pulled even a perfect abs.

But despite her fashion failures, Olivia is very popular with men. At the beginning of the year, she was credited with an affair with actor Chris Pratt, one of Hollywood's most enviable bachelors. Mann even had to make an official announcement that they were not dating.

And not so long ago, Western media wrote about her affair with Jennifer Aniston's ex-husband, Justin Theroux. It was Olivia, according to the convictions of many, who became the reason for the separation of the star couple. But the actress did not comment on these rumors. However, even if this novel is fiction, Mann will probably have a dozen other fans.

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