Scientists Have Denied Claims About The Benefits Of Sex With Robots

Scientists Have Denied Claims About The Benefits Of Sex With Robots
Scientists Have Denied Claims About The Benefits Of Sex With Robots

Video: Scientists Have Denied Claims About The Benefits Of Sex With Robots

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In the future, sex with machines is likely to be the norm. Proponents of this relationship argue that robots will become more than just high-tech sex toys. They can also be companions in helping to cope with relationship problems and improve the quality of life. Moreover, they are even credited with therapeutic properties and other unthinkable benefits.


Recently, scientists have reported that there is no evidence that such love pleasures will benefit human health. Moreover, sex with robots is unlikely to solve the problem of human loneliness or reduce the number of sex crimes.

Of course, we are not talking about all robots, but about the so-called sex bots - machines with realistic human features, much more human-like than modern military robots, for example. These already exist today, although they still do not at all look like the character of Jude Law from the movie "Artificial Intelligence".

Even though the sex bot business generates huge amounts of money every year, having intimate relationships with machines is still considered a weird activity. Probably to change the situation, manufacturers of such devices began to position them as a therapeutic agent.

Proponents point out, for example, that "an evening with a robot" allows for safe sex, which in turn can lead to a decrease in the sex trade or weakening the flow of so-called sex tourism.

They also note that sex bots can help people suffering from a range of sexual problems, including erectile dysfunction and lack of libido (although psychologists believe that the latter does not exist). A lonely person or a disabled person will be able to get physical satisfaction from communicating with a machine without cultivating a whole bunch of psychological problems in themselves.

Finally, such devices can somehow be used to treat sex offenders and require a special approach from specialists.

It was these claims that Chantal Cox-George of St George's University Hospital and Susan Bewley of King's College London decided to test. They studied hundreds of medical articles in an attempt to understand if there was any connection between sex with robots and the possible health benefits. In other words, the researchers tried to determine whether the claims of the proponents of the use of sex bots are valid.

It turned out that the health benefits of such pleasures are speculative. In the end, “we have not been able to find any empirical evidence in the medical literature to support or refute any of these claims,” says Cox-George.

According to Bewley, "in a sense, [this study] is kind of an academic plea [not to] make false statements, and if there is anything true about it beyond the creation and marketing of a new device, then let's study it properly."

Ethics professor Kathleen Richardson of De Montfort University believes that sex robots invade human relationships. In her opinion, the improvement of such devices can make men insensitive to real women. "It insults me that they think a woman is like a car," Richardson says.

The research results are presented in the scientific publication BMJ Sexual & Reproductive Health.

By the way, many experts are really sure that sex as a method of conception can become outdated in 30 years.Meanwhile, scientists do not dispute the importance of sex for human health. And recently, researchers have found that regular sex also helps a person to be more productive at work.

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