Unequal Marriage: "I Beat Off A Young Man From My Niece"

Unequal Marriage: "I Beat Off A Young Man From My Niece"
Unequal Marriage: "I Beat Off A Young Man From My Niece"

Video: Unequal Marriage: "I Beat Off A Young Man From My Niece"

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Video: The Unequal Marriage (1862) by Vasily Pukirev 2023, February

For the sake of what ordinary men marry older ladies, and how women live with husbands who are suitable for them as fathers, the RIAMO observer found out.


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Andrey, 27 years old, wife 40 years old (Moscow):

“I never liked women older than I until I met Masha. She drove the car to our car service. Blue-eyed blonde, slim, beautiful! I was 20. I fell in love at first sight, but did not dare to ask the phone and waited a whole year until she came again.

When we started dating, my mother had a tantrum. She tried to introduce me to some youngsters and did not even come to my wedding.

My character is not sugar. My wife is wiser than me and smoothes out all conflicts, closes her eyes to many things. But sometimes it irritates her lisp, as if I were her son.

She stopped doing "combat" make-up, only paints her eyelashes. There are always some terrible masks on my face. But I will love her anyway."

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Svetlana, 47 years old, airline employee, husband 37:

“I accidentally recaptured a young man from my niece. When I noticed that he liked me, at first I did not believe, I am much older. I was not married, there were no children. Once I broke my leg and was on sick leave, he came to my house and stayed.

We have excellent relations, but there is no certainty that this is "love until the grave." I see that sometimes he looks at young girls. It hurts me, but what can you do - you can't turn back time.

We have patriarchy in our family, as an oriental woman, I try not to argue with my husband. Perhaps that's why he loves me."

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Tatyana, did not name her age, her husband is 16 years younger (Stupino):

“I met Maxim at work, I liked him right away: smart, funny. He was not embarrassed that I have an adult daughter from my first marriage. Together we are 13 years old, 7 years ago we had a common son Sasha. We are an ordinary family.

I don’t understand why our age difference is so curious. If a man is older than his wife, this does not bother anyone!

We do not feel any framework or boundaries. We live for ourselves, not for others. We spend a lot of time together. On weekends we go to other cities, go to museums and exhibitions."

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Inna, 36 years old, housewife, husband 57 (Moscow):

“I got married at 22, my husband was 42. He divorced his first wife because of alcohol problems, so he categorically forbade me to drink.

It made me terribly angry, I was young and did not want my freedom to be limited. But then I got pregnant and have not been drinking for 10 years. I like that my husband constantly takes care of me, because by nature I am very childish.

Because of my husband, I parted with my best friend - she called him "your old man" and said that in 20 years I was waiting for the absence of an intimate life. Our second daughter was born two years ago.

My husband was offended, but I felt funny.

My husband listens to Radio Retro and Alexander Rosenbaum, but he turns me on, I love modern DJs. Therefore, in the car we drive in silence, or I plug my ears with the player."

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Alina, 25 years old, husband 45 (Ramenskoe):

“Last year I married a man 20 years my senior. It seemed to me that this is a man-dream! Handsome, smart, smart. We met by chance at the exhibition, and I thought it was destiny. He left his phone number, I called him myself, we chatted all night, and four months later he proposed to me.

Everything was fine at first. We went on vacation abroad, bought a house in the suburbs. But now I catch myself thinking that in 5 years he will be 50, and I am only 30, and I look younger than my age.

He carries me in his arms, fulfills any desire, and recently started talking about a child, but I don't know how to be now.

I used to follow his calls, correspondence on social networks, I was jealous. And now there is only fear in my head: how are we going to live further, how are we going to look?"

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Marina, 55 years old, librarian, husband 79 (Moscow):

“We have been married for 15 years, before that we met for 10 years. I myself became the initiator of the relationship: I was 27, and he was 51. He was married and at first resisted his feelings, but then gave up. Until his wife died, I was his mistress. When he proposed to me, he turned 60.

While we met without any obligation, everything was fine. But our family life is not pleasant. Over the years, my husband's character began to deteriorate. He used to be a lover of restaurants and meeting friends, but now you can't get him out of the house.

I have no children, my friends "fell off" themselves. Of course, I will not leave my husband, but in my youth I somehow did not think that the age difference could become a real burden. I would wish my daughter a husband of the same age."

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Victor, 62 years old, wife 45 years old (Korolev):

“When I met Svetlana, she was 22, and I was under 40. I have two unsuccessful marriages behind me. I fell in love as a boy and made an offer. We have been together for 22 years, our daughter was born.

To be in shape and fit my young wife, I try my best: I lead a healthy lifestyle, I don't drink, I don't smoke, I get treatment from a homeopath, plus exercise and a pool twice a week."

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Natalia, 35 years old, educator, husband 54 (Solnechnogorsk):

“I was 20, I was working as a volunteer at a futsal tournament and noticed a handsome fit man. We got married two years later.

For five years we lived for our pleasure. Every weekend - hiking, swimming pool, skating, in summer - sunrises around the fire, in winter - quiet family evenings or large groups of friends.

When I started talking about children, Volodya said that there was no need to rush. Now I understand that he simply did not want children, because he already had a son from his first marriage, and later I could not get pregnant. The husband was not particularly upset.

I went to a family psychologist. He explained that we live in different temporal worlds: my childbearing age has approached, and my husband just wants to prolong his youth.

Now my husband is 54. Although he is trying to get younger, he clearly does not look at 30: gray hair, health is not the same. Yes, we were happy, but sometimes I think that if I married a peer, my life could have turned out differently, and now this is my cross."

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Elena, 56 years old, editor-in-chief, husband 79 (Krasnoarmeysk):

“After graduation, I married a man who was exactly twice my age. I bought a TV and it broke. The future husband worked in a TV studio and sacrificed the weekend for me. He was the same age as my mother, and I addressed him by his first name and patronymic.

He bribed me with his willingness to solve any problems. He persuaded my relatives, who were against it, found money for a wedding, arranged for my mother to go to the clinic when she fell ill. For 33 years we have raised and married my sisters, we have a bunch of nephews and grandchildren.

My husband loves me "without memory", he has only one complaint to me that I did not give birth to him a football team, as I promised at the wedding."

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