A Naked Woman Is Dangerous For Men

A Naked Woman Is Dangerous For Men
A Naked Woman Is Dangerous For Men

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Video: Woman stripped naked by cops now suing 2023, February

Some Russian scientists are convinced that women's fashion for revealing outfits provokes serious illnesses in men and ultimately leads to the extinction of the nation.


Leonid Kitaev-Smyk, psychologist:

- Sexual stress in everyday life arises from the modern fashion for jeans, especially for "stretch", when the female secondary genitals are clearly visible, hips are covered and so on. Deep neckline and short skirts provoke stress. A man sees women in revealing clothes two or three hundred times during the day and, of course, no longer feels lust. As a result, the situation does not end with sexual intercourse: that is, every time what, it would seem, should have been, does not happen. From this, the body experiences terrible sexual stress, which can lead to prostate adenoma and even cancer!

Aleksndr Poleev, sexologist:

- When a man sees naked women - it does not matter whether on a TV screen, on the Internet or on the street - it does not harm him in any way, but on the contrary, invigorates and prolongs life.

The sight of naked women, especially changing clothes, provokes the release of testosterone in a man, which helps to keep in shape and increases the frequency of intercourse in constant couples. Moreover, the effect is observed even from the advertising of pads: a man knows how they are used, and this evokes the corresponding associations. So this is all nonsense. I have already heard about this statement, but the person who voiced it has nothing to do with sexology.

Roza Syabitova, TV presenter, matchmaker:

- A golden mean is needed in everything, especially in clothes. When girls come to me wanting to get married, I advise you to dress moderately. Even on first dates. As you know, you won't make the first impression a second time, so you need to take care of yourself. Straightforward clothing is a sign of bad taste. I do not know if a half-naked woman becomes the cause of male diseases, but the maximum that she causes in a man's brain is the desire to sleep. It is impossible to induce serious intentions only by the manner of frankly dressing. When a girl is almost naked, men are not interested in continuing the relationship - there is no zest. They have to guess, fantasize. For the family, they choose those who know how, for example, to cook, and do not walk naked down the street.

Alina Karavaeva, student:

- What stupidity! Even on this basis, let the girls be forced to wrap themselves up from head to toe. Of course, I don't suggest walking the streets as if you just left your shift at a strip club. But moderate nudity attracts men, and I don't think they would be happy if we walk like nuns.

To be honest, I don’t understand men: at first they drool over the topic “I'd rather summer, I’ll look at women's bodies,” but now it turns out that this spectacle makes them disabled. Would have already decided, or what. And, by the way, if in the summer or in warm rooms people, of whatever gender they may be, will not be naked, then everyone will experience stress - the smell of a body sweaty from the heat, it seems to me, has a much worse effect on the psyche than the sight of a naked woman.

Anton Golubkin, crane operator:

- I suspected that this fashion for revealing outfits would not lead to anything good. It turns out that at first they walk around randomly, as if the girls are not at all difficult behavior, and then we, men, suffer from all sorts of ailments and do not even know the reasons. Even without this, I demanded from my girlfriend that she dress decently, and now I will strictly follow this! Not only does it attract unnecessary attention, but also the health of others deteriorates.

By the way, it’s interesting, but when will they conduct a study on this topic among women - what if they also have something similar?

Vsevolod Chaplin, archpriest:

- I agree that naked female bodies negatively affect the health of the individual. It is no accident that the Holy Gospel says: the one who looks at a woman with lust has already committed adultery with her in his heart. And this is considered a very serious sin. If a person, especially one who is married, constantly looks at the surrounding women, especially naked, then this already generates in him internal adultery and infidelity and doubles his consciousness, killing conscience and fidelity.

So the more such provocative Internet pictures, different shows, strip clubs of some kind we have, the less chances we have of maintaining a strong family. People will not be able to exist in such conditions for a long time in integrity and without a split consciousness and conscience. It affects a person in such a way that it destroys both the personality and society.

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