A Wonderful Holiday - A Night Of Betrayal: Strange Sexual Traditions Of The Peoples Of The World

A Wonderful Holiday - A Night Of Betrayal: Strange Sexual Traditions Of The Peoples Of The World
A Wonderful Holiday - A Night Of Betrayal: Strange Sexual Traditions Of The Peoples Of The World

Video: A Wonderful Holiday - A Night Of Betrayal: Strange Sexual Traditions Of The Peoples Of The World

Video: A Wonderful Holiday - A Night Of Betrayal: Strange Sexual Traditions Of The Peoples Of The World
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Sexual relations are an intimate but well-researched affair. Modern people seem to know everything about it. But despite the mass of research and publications enlightening everyone and everything, there are still many places in the world where the physical intimacy of men and women is treated as a divine gift.

or, on the contrary, as to the source of evil. Doctor-sex therapist Mikhail DVORKIN will tell you about the rituals that have survived in the world.

All the veils of secrecy have been thrown off from intimate relationships in the modern world. Few things really surprise. There are, of course, things that cause rejection, but nothing prevents you from abandoning them, while others, if you practice, are extremely rare. One way or another, we have outlined a certain framework for ourselves and sincerely believed that there is no other way.

“This is an erroneous opinion, which is based on a lack of knowledge,” says doctor-sex therapist Mikhail DVORKIN. “I don’t know about that, so it’s not there.” In fact, sex in many parts of the world is an area of ritual-laden relationships. And in some places, even though the 21st century is outside the window, these customs are often rewritten in the direction of tightening and new ones are invented.

Such actions can be explained by the fact that the intimate sphere of life, as a rule, is closed from the eyes of outside observers and can only be controlled by those people who take part in it, that is, the partners themselves. Coming up with rituals and customs allows you to introduce a certain regulation in this area and thus assume what is happening behind the bedroom doors. And under some circumstances, people are not forbidden to relatives and specially appointed society and to clarify the details of the sexual life of partners."

According to Mikhail DVORKIN, the ritual associated with intimacy will never disappear. Especially in those secluded places of the planet where people do not experience the influence of civilization, therefore they cannot explain some important moments that occur in intimate relationships. In our material, we will consider several customs that operate in different ethnic groups to this day.

* Sambia Tribe, PAPUA - NEW GUINEA

Specialist comment: “There is a ritual in the small Sambia tribe, thanks to which boys at the age of 8 leave their father's house and go to live in special settlements where there are no women,” says Mikhail DVORKIN. - It is believed that from birth they are already defiled by leaving the mother's womb and spending 7 years in her company, so they need to be cleansed.

For 10 years, boys have been living with men, who are their senior teachers and mentors on future sex. Before returning to the tribe and becoming fathers of new families, young men purify their souls and bodies. They regularly cut their skin, cause bleeding, and eat excess sugar cane to induce vomiting. Both of these processes are believed to expel evil spirits from them. And when the ritual is completed, the young people adopt the wisdom and experience of their older comrades.

After returning to the tribe, the man continues to cause bleeding and tries to make it coincide with the female menstrual cycle. From a medical point of view, there is nothing reprehensible in this, however, a woman loses waste blood, and a man - full blood. Well, if he has high blood pressure, then bleeding from the veins will help him feel better. If, on the contrary, he suffers from low and has poor coagulation, then such procedures will bring considerable problems. In any case, do not repeat this at home."

* Trobriander Tribe, PAPUA - NEW GUINEA

Expert commentary: “In the neighboring tribe of Papua New Guinea, there are completely different intimate customs,” says Mikhail DVORKIN. - For Trobriander it is considered normal that sexual activity begins not even in adolescence, but in childhood. Boys begin intimate relationships from the age of 10, and girls from the age of six.

In this tribe, girls, girls and women never cover their breasts, trying to constantly arouse men in order to drag them into bed. The persistence of ladies sometimes comes to the use of force, this is due to the fact that the social weight of a woman depends on the number of her sexual partners. History hides from us what they believe to be lovers (perhaps they make cuts in a tree or hang lists in front of the hut). One way or another, ladies always want sex, considering hunting for a partner one of their main tasks.

Matchmaking has also been turned into a special ritual for them. If a girl spent the night with a man, and in the morning neither he nor she expressed a desire to leave and sat down at the same table to have breakfast, this means that a new family has formed. With this development of events, the young woman remains in the groom's house and begins to behave like a wife, cooking and cleaning."


Specialist comment: “The inhabitants of Cook Island have interesting sexual customs,” says Mikhail DVORKIN. - For example, at the age of thirteen, all boys are circumcised, after which they immediately begin to have sex. For what reason the foreskin is cut off, it is difficult to say. I do not think that this is due to medical reasons, most likely, it is justified by some beautiful legend. The intimate life of yesterday's boys also begins with a beautiful ritual - they are deprived of their virginity by experienced ladies, who are sometimes three times older than their young partner.

It is believed that it is precisely such a person who can explain to the recruit everything that he needs in his adult intimate life. An experienced woman really shows a teenager how to please a lady so that she reaches orgasm, and teaches him various intimate tricks.

The social weight of a male Aboriginal is based on how many times a night he can reach orgasm. It remains a mystery who exactly is counting partners, but one way or another, this rule works. By the way, fulfilling your marital duty on the island includes making love with your wife every week. This is a compulsory event, the refusal of which leads to severe punishment."

* Kreung, CAMBODIA

Expert commentary: “In this tribe, women choose their betrothed, and they do it like a man - through the bed,” says Mikhail DVORKIN. - The parents of a teenage girl build a cozy hut for her with a large and comfortable bed. On it, tests of her future partners will be held. Before reaching adulthood, the girl moves into this hut and warmly welcomes all the men who come to her. The partner's task is to show themselves in all their glory.

It depends on how experienced and loving a man will be, whether the lady will choose him as her companion or will say goodbye to him in the morning. Without slowing down, a girl can enjoy sexual pleasures until she meets someone who will make her orgasm unforgettable."


Expert commentary: “Indonesians have a funny holiday Pon, which symbolizes the night of betrayal,” says Mikhail DVORKIN. - These adulterers, as they say, are legalized, so they are not considered fornication. On the night of the celebration, people gather at the foot of Mount Java to make love with yet unknown partners. This event occurs only once a year, the date is constantly changing. It is impossible to prepare for it in advance. The most interesting thing is that there is a belief associated with the holiday of Mon. It is believed that if this ritual is observed, then there will be prosperity in the family or in business. Therefore, Indonesian entrepreneurs regularly take part in this important celebration."

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