Webcam Models Talked About Their Earnings

Webcam Models Talked About Their Earnings
Webcam Models Talked About Their Earnings

Video: Webcam Models Talked About Their Earnings


The authors of the Canadian version of Vice spoke with several webcam models and found out how much they make stripping for strangers.


Human rights defender Cecilia Rene Morrell (Cecilia Renee Morrell) admitted that she earns one and a half to two thousand dollars a month (99 to 132 thousand rubles at the current exchange rate). Her maximum monthly earnings were six thousand dollars (about 400 thousand rubles). She notes that income levels can change from month to month.

Clara Joy (Clara Joy) makes more - an average of eight thousand dollars (more than 500 thousand a month). Once her monthly income from intimate broadcasts amounted to 14 thousand dollars - about a million rubles. Joy admitted that she strives for maximum earnings, which cannot be said about the male models interviewed by Vice.

So, Wes Myers (Wes Myers) claims not to strip and masturbate on camera for the big money. The maximum that he earned in a month is two thousand dollars (132 thousand rubles). Myers says he doesn't broadcast very often. Full-time work allows him to only air on evenings and weekends. The young man is satisfied with this, he has no ambitions to become the best model among men.

According to webcam models, their occupation is not expensive. All they need is a laptop, webcam, and a good internet connection. Registration on the respective sites is always free. The only thing that may require funds - "toys" with which you can diversify the ethers, warns Myers.

In turn, Joy noted that she puts a lot of effort into creating spectacular makeup. In her words, "being a model is damn hard."

“I feel like a psychologist almost every minute on the Internet,”

- the girl shares. She is sure that not everyone can become a professional like her.

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