Actor Mikhail Vaskov Learned About The Death Of His Illegitimate Son

Actor Mikhail Vaskov Learned About The Death Of His Illegitimate Son
Actor Mikhail Vaskov Learned About The Death Of His Illegitimate Son

Video: Actor Mikhail Vaskov Learned About The Death Of His Illegitimate Son

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Mikhail Vaskov played a policeman in the film "Afonya". Now in his piggy bank dozens of roles in theater and cinema. Now the honored artist is 64 years old. He managed to marry Olga Gavrilyuk, but they had no children. However, the man recently turned to the studio of the program "Actually". He admitted that at the age of 19 he had an affair with a girl in Samara, and then left her when he found out that she was pregnant.


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The editors of the program managed to find his first love - a girl named Galina Ilyina. Vaskov himself for five years unsuccessfully tried to find her, but he did not know that she had changed her last name three times. “In 1975, being a shaggy guy, while filming in the city of Samara, I met a girl named Galina. It's hard for me to remember exactly, but we met for about a year. All the time I was eager to get to this city. The novel had to be finished. The filming ended and I came there again, wanted to see each other,”said the actor. According to him, he saw his beloved a few months later with a rounded belly. “I stood there, stood and generally washed away,” Vaskov admitted.

Vaskov had been looking for his first love for five years. photo: frame from the program "Actually"

All these years, the artist did not see his first love and did not know whether she was pregnant with him or not. In the studio, Mikhail Yuryevich learned that Galina gave birth to a son from him. He smiled and looked happy. After that, the actor met with the same woman from Samara. Now she lives modestly and barely makes ends meet. “I would never have known on the street,” Vaskov noted with embarrassment. The former lovers hugged each other.

Vaskov hugged Galina. photo: frame from the program "Actually"

Galina admitted that not so long ago she got married for the fourth time. It so happened that she buried her three previous husbands. According to the heroine, she was married when she met the actor. According to her, the man was from Kamchatka and they rarely saw each other. “The headlight on the motorcycle burned out, but it was light and he drove off. He was hit by a car,”Galina recalled. She gave birth to a daughter from her second husband. The woman lived with him for 20 years, but this man also died. “In Balakovo, he also dies at the age of 43. He rode his bike along the track. The young man made a triple overtaking and they collided,”the heroine said. Her third husband is also dying. This time from a heart attack. Now the woman lives with the fourth chosen one.

The son of Mikhail Vaskov died five years ago. photo: frame from the program "Actually"

“My son Vincent is an adult. He worked as a chef in Moscow,”Galina shared. She sadly reported that Vaskov's heir had died five years ago. “He loved the woman very much. They have been married for 10 years. When he once again went to Belgorod as a contract chef and returned, she was already married. He washed down and just burned out within three years. He died. This is the kind of black widow I am, this is my karma. It's good, Misha, that our paths diverged,”the woman said, barely holding back her tears.

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