Sex For 1 Night: 10 Reasons

Sex For 1 Night: 10 Reasons
Sex For 1 Night: 10 Reasons

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Why does a man, after the first sexual contact, lose interest in one woman, and harass the other, although she openly ignores him? For what reasons do people choose "one night stand"?


Sex without commitment is quite common nowadays. Disposable sex is sought after by both men and women. The reason is quite understandable - everyone is driven by a thirst for passion, and few aspire to responsibility for a partner.

One-time sex most often happens:

- on the first date, when people “could not contain their passion” and / or understand that the relationship will not tie them anyway;

- when one of the couple hopes that sex will help keep the partner or get closer to him even more.

Why does a relationship sometimes end the very next morning?

1. Didn't like sex

It happens like this: a person seems to be attracted to everyone - both sweet and smart, and with good manners. But as soon as it comes to intimacy, everything suddenly disappears.

You suddenly realize that this partner is not yours. But telling a person exactly what he didn't like about such a delicate matter is somehow inconvenient. It is much easier to say: "We'll call you!" and leave without exchanging phone numbers.

To some extent, this is the right step - why drive a person into complexes?

Let him still consider himself irresistible, because it is likely that someday he will meet a partner who will think so.

Agree, ending a relationship almost without starting it is not the worst thing, and most importantly, it is more honest than playing around.

2. Male failure

If you, having a pleasant evening, having a nice conversation and literally falling in love with each other at first sight, approach a dessert called "sex", but your partner has certain physiological problems - this is a disaster.

The point, of course, is in psychology - more precisely, in vanity. A man who has failed to prove that he is a man (this is our logic in bed) will avoid a partner with whom he failed. The comforting words that "this happens to everyone, everything is fine, you can try again" will not help.

A similar outcome is possible if things ended too quickly. Through the "fault" of the man.

3. The partner is not in the mood for a relationship

Disposable sex is preferred by a man who is either afraid of responsibility, to which a serious relationship is required, or simply does not plan to start a long romance yet.

Perhaps such a man will say that now there is no time for something serious, you need to make a career, "get on your feet"

But these are banal excuses, because it is much easier to overcome life's difficulties and troubles together than alone.

Although the reluctance to have a long-term relationship at some period of life, in general, is absolutely normal.

The same applies to a woman - she, too, may have just other plans.

In addition, the desire for sex without commitment is also caused by the influence of modern films and the behavior of show business stars, who are the main role model for the new generation (after all, this kind of sex in our country used to be much less than it is now).

4. Partners are friends

We have already discussed in detail about sex between friends in an article on this topic.

In particular, they considered the likely scenarios for the development of further relationships after intimacy.

One-time sex with a friend is usually either spontaneous or pre-planned. It can even happen if one of your friends (or both) has a permanent partner.

The main reason for this kind of sex can be either a sudden surging passion after a good dose of alcohol, or the need to support a friend (a kind of sex help).

5. Sex by degrees

Modern girls often say: "What a shameless guy!" Like, one sex is on their mind. No romance, no respect for the opposite sex, etc., etc.

Do not understand naive girls that in the places where they meet these guys, romance "does not smell."

Yes, gone are the days when people met in libraries and public transport, but bars, discos, nightclubs and other "hot spots" are hardly a place where you can find a young man for a long-term relationship.

After all, judge for yourself, why do people go to such places? To unwind, escape from the routine and really break away.

When the brain is turned off, a person is driven by alcohol, people do stupid things. What kind of romance, if even a sober assessment of what is happening is out of the question?

Sex after meeting in such places is just the logical end of a pleasant evening. Dessert if you like. In general, both partners should understand this, but, alas, sometimes someone hopes for more in vain.

6. The partner drinks or talks a lot

It so happened that we do not like drinkers. For men, this is a kind of paradox. On the one hand, it is very strange, because we ourselves often try to get a woman drunk in order to make her more pliable. True, after this kind of sex, the continuation of the relationship is unlikely to follow.

On the other hand, everything is logical. It is unlikely that a man wants to have a life partner who drinks too much, and then says all sorts of nonsense.

In general, a woman who talks a lot quickly gets bored with a man. Not only because he is not interested in news about television series, show business, fashion, the actions of her friends, etc.

A man generally speaks less than a woman, and therefore he cannot stand it when she talks about something incessantly.

If a woman who combines these character traits is attractive and sexy, then she is quite suitable for one-time sex.

The man is even ready to pour her the right dose of alcohol and listen to the flow of information about the stars of show business and fashion. But only once.

The woman, in turn, is not interested in how Moscow “Spartak” played with Kiev “Dynamo” or with whom Nikolay Valuev is boxing today. Imagine, she might not even be worried that the Russian national team became the world hockey champion!

But if she liked the man's appearance, then why not spend the night with him? Again, just one.

7. Accessibility is scary

A woman who throws herself on her neck should not count on much. Here the man's hunter's instinct plays a role.

After all, a representative of the strong half of humanity loses interest in what comes easily, preferring to hunt down the victim, drive it into a corner, and then enjoy his victory.

True, this behavior of a man speaks more about his complexes than about character. This is a man with clear signs of narcissism. He is selfish, believes that it is he who must conquer a woman, and he does not expect a quick surrender.

One-time sex is accepted as another way to prove that he is a man, that is, he can have as many women as he wants. Moreover, they themselves are hung around his neck.

But he will build long-term relationships only with those women whom he has won for a very long time.

Roughly similar arguments can be made in the opposite situation. A woman is unlikely to want to have a long-term relationship with a man who changes women more often than shirts.

Nobody likes to be the 101st partner, and even more so - to start a relationship with a person who is "known" by the district.

A woman who has had many men is only interesting for her rich experience and, accordingly, her ability to diversify her time in bed. It's not a man's complexes, but a healthy egoism - it's better to be with a less pretty woman, but more serious.

Women have the same logic, multiplied by the maternal instinct: what can a walking dad teach a potential child?

8. Didn't agree on contraception

Many men want to have sex without a condom. But with an unfamiliar partner, this can end with consequences that you will have to regret for the rest of your life.

What does the unwillingness to use to protect yourself say? About selfishness, irresponsibility? Both qualities do not add points to the partner.

Even if you know for sure that you both do not have sexually transmitted diseases, a woman's consent to sex without contraception may mean her desire to get pregnant, which is not always acceptable for a man.

In the opposite situation, a woman may think that a man does not worry about her at all and will easily leave her with a child in his arms.

So, waking up in the morning after a night of love "without protection", one of the partners may seriously think about whether he should change his usual way of life and attitude to sex for the sake of another.

9. Incompatibility

This may not be noticed immediately, but it can be realized in a moment. You need half an hour, and he needs 3 minutes. Or vice versa. He prefers a pose that you hate and would never agree to use. He does not accept anything else. Do you need it?

Behavior after sex can also cause a quick breakup. For example, a partner instantly rushes out of bed and sits down to play at the computer. Or a woman picks up the phone and calls her friend, telling her what a funny sex she just had.

“Sorry, but we are too different to be together” is a standard phrase when parting for this reason. Maybe this is for the best, so as not to continue what has no future.

10. Sexual selfishness

No one will be pleased with a partner who does not notice anyone's desires except his own. In sex, this can be expressed very clearly, or it can only sound subtext.

The main thing is that a partner who is too demanding and wants too much is not needed by anyone. Sex is the case when you can't play with one goal.

Both a man and a woman subconsciously want not so much: affection, love and care.

When one of them constantly says the word "I want", the other quickly gets bored. After all, one cannot constantly do nothing but satisfy the needs of another person.

Could one-time sex be the beginning of something bigger? Of course, yes, if the sudden passion develops into love. If the partners realized that they found what they were looking for. In this case, sex (for example, on the day of acquaintance) will become just a funny page in family history. Otherwise, everything will end as quickly as it began.

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